Na Nu – Na Nu – Na Nu were coming to get us ,,,,

Congress holds historic public UFO hearing, as military struggles to understand ‘mystery’ flying phenomena

Congress is holding a hearing on the possible national security threat of UFOs for the first time in 50 years

Like these fools do not have anything better to do.

Let us worry about something we can control let alone, like our problems on the earth, not Na Nu Na Nu and his cousins.

For some strange reason (they have always been unexplainable) the government has been denying their existence for 100 years. No all of a sudden, the overpaid-underworked Congress is going to stop what they’re doing (which is nothing) and initiate a long drawn out debate as to whether outer space beings really exist.

There are so many pressing issues here on earth that are starving for attention, but like everything else Congress cannot give their head out of the clouds and focus on what is important.

I have been a believer from day one, extraterrestrials do exist. Why the denial by the government has been in the outer stratosphere is beyond comprehension. If their motive was not to stir up panic among the public, for fear of invasion; my opinion is, I much rather be done in by ray-gun then a nuclear bomb.

Even Stephen Hawking, one of the most well renowned scientists in the world said; they are out there but you do not want them to visit, because they will destroy the earth.

It is hard to believe that a man with such a super brain was as debilitated as he was

My logic has always been; if the size of the earth is compared to one grain of sand on all the beaches in the world, why would we be the only planet inhabited?? Kind of conceited, no!!

My advice to the Con-Grass-Men, just like the guy that has an old lady who is cheating out on him because he is not taking care of business; take care of your conditions at home first and that will eliminate a lot of your problems.

Gotta keep laying that pipe, or like the black people, if you don’t, someone else or Jodi will.

For some of or readers that are little slow on the draw this morning, metaphorical Jody would be, Russia, China North, Korea and Afghanistan to name a few who are chomping at the bit waiting to invade us.

My suggestion is take care of our worldly affairs before we venture into outer space. If Na Nu Na Nu Jody wants to invade there is no way to stop them anyway. But whoever said better politicians have their priorities in the right place.

Na Nu – Na Nu – Na Nu were coming to get you ,,,,

No, crawling under a bed will do you any good.

Come and get me you dirty mothers, I’ve been waiting for you

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