It is sinful but necessary …..

Air Force makes history with successful launch of new hypersonic weapon: ‘Game-changing’

The ARRW achieved a speed of five times that of the speed of sound

It is gratifying to see that some departments in the USA government have not been sitting on their hands in the weapons development. The cold hard facts are, it is disgraceful that such weapons have to be developed in order to survive. With Putin running his mouth about the power of his arsenal, the United States is on more equal or advantageous stable ground because of their new hypersonic weapon development.

Unfortunately, in battle 95% of the time the bigger and the stronger dog wins. But we still have a multitude of calamities facing us. Even if we have a bigger or more powerful weapon then Russia does it still does not eliminate the possibility that THE MADMAN would want to draw first blood. The world is dealing with an absolute demonic madman that is very unpredictable and an ego driven maniac.

I am still waiting for the Russian Judas to come out of the closet and put Putin’s lights out permanently. Based on the success or lack of that Putin thought he would have and has virtually failed, there really is no telling what he will resort to.

There has to be millions of good sensible Russians that are totally opposed the war in Ukraine. It would be a great shot in the arm for the Russian people and mankind if Putin was taken out by his own people. What a tremendous way for the war to end.

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