How can you possibly believe a compulsive liar …..

Biden gives emotional speech after Buffalo shooting: ‘White supremacy is a poison’

Kamikaze Joe wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in his ass. The guy has been lying to the public for 57 years.

When he was running for president and still to this day, his platform/solution is that he is going to rectify all the problems in government. He forgets one very important element; most of the problems plaguing this country are situations that he was partially responsible for all of his time in public office.

“White supremacy is a poison. It’s a poison … running through our body politic,” Biden said, adding that silence is “complicity.”

I will partially agree with K J; white supremacy is poison, but I am not excluding the fact that black crime in this country is totally out of control.

People like the crazy son of a bitch in the Buffalo NY shooting are psychotic extremists. There is virtually no way to stop these people except intervention before the crime happens. We will never see an end with this type of crime whether it comes from the black community or the white community.

In a nutshell, crimes of this nature are virtually impossible to stop. I would suggest that the entire population of the country take the proper training to be proficient in carrying and using a firearm. Can we even imagine if there were two or three people in that store in Buffalo NY that were qualified to carry firearms?? I would assume the head count of killed and injured would be a lot less.

Is this what it all boils down to?? Sad as it is to say I think it is. qualified armed citizens can be a big deterrent in the prevention of crime. One of the biggest hang-ups probably is, most people would not have the nerves to fire own someone regardless of how threatened they thought they were.

Arming the entire population of the country is somewhat an impossibility. Being that mankind is out to self-destruct, crimes such as this may just part of the big scheme of self annihilation.

For JK to make a statement as he did regarding white supremacy, he only stirs the shit pot and fuel to the fire.

Let us all call for harmony and peace among races and strive to accept each other as human beings. If the blame game continues as it has, there will never be an end to this animosity; especially if we have a fool like KJ pouring gasoline on the flames. What kind of responsibility should he accept for his lack of a resolution to the racial issues that he had 57 years to rectify?????

As I said earlier in this post; a great percentage of the deplorable conditions that exists today are big part of K J’s negligence since he has been in public service.

K J; how does that spoon taste???

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