All because of an obsession of a demented killer ..

Russia has likely lost one-third of its combat forces in Ukraine, UK Defense Ministry says

I don’t care which side any person is fighting on; the death of a soldier is the death of a soldier and another human being snuffed out ALL because of a egotistical whim some demented dick-tator (dickhead) has imbedded in his brain.

Guaranteed but there are millions of Russians that do not agree with the war; but are only fighting because of their patriotic duty to their country and being fearful, if they refuse there may be some severe consequences to them or their families.

War is hell on earth; there is no excuse for it. It all revolves around a few egomaniacs who are obsessed with greed, powerful/control-freaks and money mongers of the world. There billions to trillions of dollar$ made by the power brokers in every war. AXE Dick Cheney and George W Bush.

How is this disastrous war going to end is anybody’s guess. My biggest concern is; if and when the Russian Bad Boy has his back against the wall and sees defeat, he just may pull out every stop in his arsenal not to go down in shame. There is nothing worse in their mind than making a fool out of an egomaniac. Putin is definitely is on the very top of the list category.

While his loyal (or scared) troops are being slaughtered on the battlefield, he is not missing a meal and continues to live in the lap of luxury.

This is only one of his many palaces

How many of his people are starving to death and being slaughtered on the battlefield while this guy maintains his lifestyle.

This applies to all the excessively wealthy in the world. Anyone that lives in this type of luxury while others under their command are starving to death; there is something absolutely wrong with that picture.

At one time or another; all of these scumbags were/are living high in the hog, while many of their people we’re eating out of garbage cans. They have no heart, no soul, no conscience.

If hell actually does exist, I hope they all are siting on Lucifer lap.

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