Just another democratic state doing what they do best…..


Published May 14, 2022 7:35am EDT

Milwaukee shooting near Bucks-Celtics game leaves 17 wounded, 10 in custody

Nine firearms were recovered from the scene, after dozens were seen fleeing

Since 1960, Milwaukee has been a stronghold of the Democratic Party both locally and nationally, but the city is largely divided between different factions of Democrats.

Doctor Phil McGraw would ask these DUMB-O-CRATIC fools: how was what you were doing working out for you so far.

With their liberal mentality and way of governing, what else can be expected except out of controlled chaos. They are making Dodge City in the Old West look like a training school for psychopathic killing machines.

What is it going to take for these fools to do in about face on crime prevention?? Their wife, their mother, their kids, their grandmother, their grand father, their sisters, their brothers to be slaughtered by some of these other control maniacs before they take steps to bring the law and order back into this country??

I really hate to admit it, but Car-mella inadvertently said a mouthful with her statement:

Critics blast Kamala Harris for claiming voters ‘got what they …

https://www.youtube.com › watch

Mar 1, 2022 — Critics have ripped into Kamala Harris after the US Vice-President claimed voters got what they asked for” electing her and Joe Biden to …

The same situation applies to all of the incompetent governmental leaders that allow this lawlessness to exist without any significant penalties.

FOOLS: how was what you were doing working out for you so far???????????

If they are lucky, maybe 40 or 50 people will be SHOT in the animals next uprising. Might as well SHOOT for a new record.

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