Go Right to the source – taste of their own medicine ..

Bill Maher condemns protests outside Supreme Court justices’ homes, calls out White House: ‘It’s wrong!’


The HBO star knocks Dems for abandoning the Clinton-era abortion mantra ‘safe, legal and rare’

Lately I have agreed with Billy Boy some of his observations. This one is a nix.

Why should the overpaid/underworked retirees in black robes be sheltered from any hostility or demonstrations, partially attached to many decisions they made. They need to have a little taste of eating the liver once in awhile instead of constant diet of filet mignon.


Tough job; not on your life.

Fame, Prestige and Power

Serving on the Supreme Court is one of most prestigious roles an American judge or lawyer can hold.

Generous Vacation Time and Workload Assistance

The Supreme Court has a three-month recess, which the justices receive as vacation time. During this period, they do not have any judicial obligations and are free to do as they please. The same people who are reluctant to increase the minimum wage for the citizens of the country.

Salary and Benefits

As of January 1, 2018, the chief justice of the Supreme Court earns a salary of $267,00 per year and the associate justices earn $255,300 per year. Not too bad for a parttime job. A Supreme Court judge who chooses to retire at 70, with 10 years of service, or age 65, with 15 years of service, is eligible to receive his entire ending salary each year for the rest of his life. In return, retired judges without a disability are required to remain active and perform a certain amount of judicial obligations each year.

I have always maintained politicians and lawmakers must live by the same guidelines and rules that the private citizen is compelled to. If that would be the case, I can guarantee we would see a lot more productivity in their ranks the way they handled certain issues.

One thing that they can take to the bank; they never have to worry about cashing in from stress – or being overworked and underpaid.

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