Assassination on the young society …..

Americans oppose transgender surgeries, anti-puberty blockers for minors: poll

Medical professionals have told Fox News they have seen rates of gender dysphoria skyrocket among young people in recent years

I like to call it subliminal brainwashing what these degenerate-mental-assassins are doing to the young kids in this country by influencing them to going One Direction or another with their sexuality. They refused to let the kids mature by themselves

For thousands of years mankind never had a problem deciding/accepting what gender they were or wanted to be. They were born either female or male and in very rare exceptions were they confused about their sexuality. Beside the fact; doing medical surgery with the stone axe or some other primitive tool could be very painful.

I would estimate in the last 15 to 20 years groups of radical-nonconformists grabbed American Society by the nuts. squeezed hard as hell trying to disrupt their natural/normal way thinking.

The more the radical nonconformist planted preposterous possibilities into the young peoples minds, the more confused they became. If they were allowed to mature normally, there would not be epidemic of kids that do not know what sex they are. The radical bastard nonconformists groups will not allow the kids too mature on their own and letting nature take its course.

Pictured below: She insisted on being something she wasn’t. This nut case Rachel Dolezal had so many people telling her she must black by the way she looked, by the way she spoke, by the way she dressed, and by the way she acted, for so many years, she began to believe in herself.

“I yam what I yam and that’s all what I yam,” declared the existential philosopher, Popeye the Sailor Man.

Let nature take it’s course

In my opinion, putting younger kids in a state of confusion is just one very small facet in the overall ambition for radical special interest groups to takeover/dominate/control the United States. The most dangerous and pathetic part of this movement/scenario is, they have a very strong chokehold on the country getting more powerful day by day. I have no idea how soon these radical people will win the war, but they certainly are gaining momentum day by day and winning many battles.

Just one movement of thousands:

Boogaloo movement, boys explained – USA Today › news › nation › 2020/06/19

Jun 19, 2020 — The boogaloo movement is gaining momentum. … a right-wing extremist group aimed at overthrowing the government has been growing, …

Defunding cops and eliminating the police force is yet another element in there overall movement to control society.

Soft on crime, almost extinct bail restrictions, swinging open the immigration gates, legalizing drugs, allowing homelessness to get out of control, brainwashing our kids, allowing radical teachers in our school systems to spread their poison, eccetera eccetera eccetera; how many more examples do you need.

If RKJ is not a socialist communist; a pigs prick is not pork!! No one can make the off the wall decisions he is without being anti American. The degenerates that backed him in the election absolutely knew what they were doing to take the country down.

I have a very strong feeling, if the majority of these issues are left to spiral out of control s they have been; (like they say in the Lone Star State), we ain’t seen nothing yet!!

Consequently in 10 years or less (I don’t have a crystal ball) The United States of America will resemble a third world country. We are well on our way in that direction already.

Let me share some words of wisdom. Most kids today are not as stupid as you think they are, some are more intelligent than we are. Let them mature on their own, they do not need any advice or guidance from bunch of imbeciles. GTFP (get the fuckin picture)??

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