RKJ Roby Kamikaze Joe should be cancelled instead….

Gotta wonder what RKJ is paying per gallon out of his own pocket???

If nothing else, we have to give this fool the acknowledgment that he has a giant settled steel balls. Someone could drop a nuclear bomb on his F-in head and it would not faze him.

Biden went after familiar targets on Tuesday for the problem, assailing the pandemic and Putin, as well as Republicans for not going along with his economic plan. He has said his own policies, such as the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, have not contributed to the surge.

“I want us to be crystal clear about the problem,” Biden said. “There are two leading causes of inflation we’re seeing today. The first cause of inflation is a once-in-a-century pandemic. Not only did it shut down our global economy, it threw the supply chains and the demand completely out of whack.”

To my way of thinking, this degenerate is absolutely insane and 500% delusional. No one in their right mind could ever pretend to be so fuckin stupid and incompetence.

The Biden administration canceled one of the most high-profile oil and gas lease sales pending before the Department of the Interior Wednesday, as Americans face record-high prices at the pump, according to AAA.

If there ever was any doubt in anyone’s mind about the legitimacy of Kamikaze’s administration, this insane move, as well as many others, should clear up their skepticism. The guy is nothing but full fledged maniac with a tremendous amount of power who is out to destroy this country and turn it into a socialist state.

In all the areas that RKJ has dismantled and destroyed, that may not be the primary issue. The issue being; this sons a bitch does not admit any culpability and puts the blame on everybody else but himself.

The fool is a combination of sociopath and a narcissist all wrapped into one political robot, being directed by THE MONEY GUYS. It is beyond comprehension and explanation how bad one person could be.

Biden the blamer: White House pins inflation, high gas prices on Putin, corporate greed, COVID-19 and more


Is this guy beyond belief or what???

When are the fools (the people that support him) going to wake up and finally realize that they are the birds the bottom branches of a gigantic, astronomical, political Ponzi scheme to take over the country??

All they will get for their loyalty is getting shit on.

Most disturbing, in this entire scenario; this guy is an out of control train wreck that seems impossible to stop.

I would love to hear from all of the fools still think Donald Trump was a Jag off. As bad as he was in some areas, many people do you not realize how good they had it. In my opinion, the country would not be in 85% of the predicaments if Trump was still sitting in the big chair.

Car-mella was right; the voters got would be asked for. Every time you pick up the gas hose to fill your car – every time go to the grocery store the shelves are either empty and the price went up 20% – every time your kid comes home from the first grade and the tell you they were instructed how to masturbate – every time you community is getting overrun by illegals, many of whom are criminals and infested with diseases, you can thank Car-mella and Roby Kamikaze Joe and their are puppeteers.

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