Like rock and roll – high prices are here to stay …

Gas prices hit new all-time high as EU considers blocking Russian oil, Biden keeps restrictions

New record-high oil price comes as the European Union edges toward oil sanctions on Russia

Inflation Nation: Experts warn rising prices are here to stay

Once a person, country or nation gives up any particular right of freedom, rights of price control, freedom of speech, freedom of expression; the vast majority of the time these changes are never reversed, we never get them back.

The money mongering pigs/gluttons the control of pricing in the world take advantage of the situation regardless of how small or large it is to put the hammer to the consumer.

If Car-mella misses her #period, the prices of bananas goes up $0.20 a pound.

If the industries, unions or governments would increase their prices just enough to cover the increased expenses it would not be as painful. The problem is, if the above mentioned need .10$ to cover the cost increase, they raise the price on their product or wages 2.00$. In some circles that is referred to as intercourse in the canine. Look it up!! Then they blamed the increase everything but themselves

Dose Kamikaze Joe ring a bell?? How many examples do you want of this fools incompetence?? Lying has become part of most politicians DNA. This is how they are wired. The first thing out of their mouth is a lie no matter what the question is.

Question: Is your mother a virgin??

Politician’s answer: I cannot answer that question on the grounds of self incrimination

Opinion | Biden is blaming everyone but himself. But he’s the … › 2021/08/16 › biden…

Aug 16, 2021 — Yet rather than admit wrongdoing, the president is blaming everyone but himself. He argues that he had no choice because of the withdrawal …

Biden Is Blaming Everyone for Inflation but Himself | Opinion › Opinion › Inflation

Apr 20, 2022 — With inflation raging out of control under his watch, President Biden is running out of excuses. First, his administration tried to claim …

It is a very vicious circle that we live in. We (the little guys – the backbone of our society) have little to no say so or control on how the cost of living is regulated. Middle America (the average working man that pay their is taxes) comprises majority of the population, continue to make the rich bastards richer and support the unfortunate and all of the parasitic leeches of society who don’t want work. Once you give it up, you never get it back.

When is the last time we have ever seen a big corporation come out in the red. If and when it does, it is a rare occurrence. The tax laws are structured to protect with big money in this country.

Joe and Jane Blow the financers/supporters of society are at the bottom of the hill getting hit by all the shit slung at them. The junkies keep shooting up, the swindlers/freeloaders of social services continue to get their checks monthly, our illustrious overworked leaders continue to take a break every six days, when they do show up for work, the government continues to operate in very incompetent manner, leading us to wonder, who are they really representing (certainly not the American people) while the big boys continue to rake in the dead president’s.

Is anyone that naive two things the oil companies making a killing on their $8 gallon gas??

Last year, four fossil fuel multinational giants—ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, and BP—earned more than $75 billion in a single year in profits. Crude oil prices are now up 50 percent higher than their average daily price last year. Apr 6, 2022

I would love to see how many politicians have stock in the major oil companies – I would love to see how many politicians have stock in the manufacturing companies that supplied the COVID shots.

Is it just another kick in the nuts to the American people the politicians are Privy to inside stock information??

I don’t know how these pricks can sleep at night. I guess the first time they do The Dirty Deed (use your imagination, it is done from the kneeling position) is the hardest. All future shady activities they engage in become second nature to them.

I label them all opportunist/parasitic blood sucking MOTHERS.

Once you give it up, you will never get it back!! Take that to the bank!!

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