An article these wacky bastards should read ……..

It is not that they (the enemies) do not understand all the ramifications involved in a nuclear confrontation; these warmongering bastards are so caught up in their personal agendas, the mass destruction of mankind, doesn’t even enter their sick minds. These monsters willing too sacrifice all living things on the planet just for their own personal satisfaction.

The US and Russia currently have some 3,000 strategic nuclear warheads pointed at each other, according to the Federation of American Scientists. A 2002 study showed that if only 300 Russian warheads got through to cities in the United States, 77 million to 105 million people would be killed in the first afternoon.

A new generation is being introduced to the nuclear threat

A new generation is being introduced to the nuclear threat

In addition, the economic infrastructure of the United States would be gone. There would be no electric grid, internet, food distribution system, banking or public health system, or transportation network. In the months following, most of those who survived the initial attack would also die — from starvation, exposure, disease and radiation poisoning, the same study found. A US attack on Russia would produce the same destruction there, it said.

And the fires caused by these combined attacks would put millions of tons of soot into the upper atmosphere, blocking out the sun and dropping temperatures across the globe to levels not seen since the last ice age. Food production would crash, triggering a global famine that would destroy modern civilization, according to a study published in the journal Science Advances.

It is hard to understand by what definition anyone could win such a war.

I think it is very important, the powers to be (the good guys) to understand we are not dealing with normal/rational people. You are psychotic animals that are willing to sacrifice mankind for their own gratification.

How much more dangerous can anyone become??

According to this article The United States has not gone to full alert, while our adversaries are always full alert.

One question; WTF are you waiting for????????????? One of the worst things in a combat situation is to be caught with your pants down or sleeping at the wheel. I tend to think but the United States military falls into that very dangerous category.

Wake up Charlie while you still can

Will cool heads prevail?? I really do not think so. Again; I hope I am wrong.

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