A #Fugazi of the #soiled-cloth ….

EU readying sanctions on Russian Orthodox Church leader Kirill, calls him a ‘long-time ally’ of Putin

EU readying sanctions on Russian Orthodox Church leader Kirill, calls him a ‘long-time ally’ of Putin

He should tilt the candles in toward his face and set that ugly beard on fire.

How can anyone, let alone some bum that claims to be holy man side with Putin the butcher??

I don’t know who he tells us confession to (maybe Charles Manson), but I can assure you it is someone who is as #devious and #sadistic this #sinful #gray-haired-old-bastard.

It gotta be all about the rubles (dead czars). There is no way that any civilized human being can approve the #monstrous actions of Putin.

It is no wonder that this religious fraud is as fucked up as he is. Kamikaze Joe and the #fraud-holy-man have the same birthday, November 20th. Beside the fact, this impostor’s first name is Vladimir. What a coincident.

This mentally deranged bitch went so far as to claim:

Ukrayinska Pravda

Patriarch Kirill falsely claims that Russia “did not attack anyone”

How about them apples. Tomorrow morning we are all gonna wake up and see that all of mayhem, death and destruction in the Ukraine it’s just a gigantic nightmare.

Possibly all of the illegals crossing the border are also a mirage.

If this does not substantiate this wack-job’s is a nut case, nothing else does. Gotta be a big payday for this guy to take Putin’s side.

I wonder if the son of a bitch ever heard of a sacrilege?? If not he better look it up in his Bible.

For those who don’t know; a sacrilege is far worse than a mortal sin.


I have the bet there are a huge number of people following and approve of this guy; even as psychopathic as he is.

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