The Brat new favorite word, #asshole ….

Hunter Biden ripped Obama strategist Axelrod as ‘giant a– hole’ for telling Biden not to run in 2016: Email

Hunter Biden called Bill Clinton ‘an asshole’ who ‘looks like shit’ in another 2015 email

FIRST ON FOX: Hunter Biden ripped former President Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod as a “giant a– hole” in a 2015 email exchange with his longtime business partner Eric Schwerin and then-Vice President Biden’s deputy counsel Alexander Mackler for allegedly telling Joe Biden not to run for president in 2016.

The Brat was over heard telling one of his homies; if MY GUY would have had the top seat a lot sooner, just think of how much more we could have stolen from the SLOPES (derogatory name for orientals).

When we look in the dictionary for the definition of scumbag, deceitfulness, despicable, untrustworthy, pathological liars, guess who’s pictures are there??

Like the Bidens, everything the kids learned their mother taught them

Joe Biden paid Hunter’s bills tied to Chinese firm deal: email › 2022/04/26 › joe-biden-paid-hunt…

5 days ago — President Joe Biden agreed to cover more than $800,000 in bills racked up by his son — including legal fees tied to the winding down of his …

I don’t know, I’m very #perplexed trying to make a decision as to which one of the politicians is the most #degenerate-liar. There are so many of them in strong contention for the crown, it’s really hard to choose. But one thing I know for sure, that Biden clan sure as #shit is in the top three.

It is not pathetic enough that Kamikaze Joe #denied any involvement in his kids #illegal business activities, he makes his denials looking straight into the camera without blinking an eye. The sons a bitch he was a very sick person and needs #psychological counseling.

The big issue many people are not recognizing, if Kamikaze #drops-a-dime on his kid and throws him under the bus, essentially he will be signing his own metaphorical death sentence. Kamikaze is just as dirty as this kid and possibly worse.

It may be a poor comparison but I look at it like all of the Popes, Cardinals and bishops covering up for all the #pedophile-priests that molested hundreds of thousands of boys. In my opinion the enablers are worse than the perpetrators.

Will justice ever be served ……

Yetttttt; with all of the information that has been made public about the #thieving Biden clan; there still are thousands of fools let’s support them and buy into their #bullshit.

Forget about all the boulders being rolled at them (accusations) that they are denying through their teeth; take a good look at all of the documented evidence found the supposed lost laptop that The Brat denies he owns.

Like the book cover above; once it is in print and documented there is really no possibility the Bidens have of lying their way out of it.

One of the saddest commentaries, most pathetic scenarios to Kamikaze Joe’s life; he conducts his political affairs the same way he does his personal life. #F-in-horrible.

I would like to #spearhead of movement that will change the course of American politics, by going against the constitution to remove the entire Biden team out of office and reinstate Donald Trump in his team to get this country back on track.

Would this be an #unprecedented course of action in American history?? Absolutely, but dire situations need to be dealt with with #dire/desperate methods. I would like to see this action taken immediately before Kamikaze Joe destroys this country anymore than he has already.

This act should be labeled #THE-SALVATION-ACT #AMERICA-ACT-2022.

By the way – plagiarizing THE BRAT – he is a real asshole and looks like shit.

Hell no – I never inhaled

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