One degenerate Mad Man trying to keep up with another …

Kim warns North Korea would ‘preemptively’ use nuclear weapons

The announcement came during a military parade in the country’s captial

Between these #two-psycho-bastards, it is pretty difficult to choose which one is #most-dangerous. For either one of them to accept defeat would be #unconscionable. They could not live with it. If that time ever came, I have no doubt either one of them would be #wacked-out enough to hit that red button.

Let’s face it folks; the majority of what is transpiring today it is all #ego-driven, has a very little to do with politics, by a bunch of Mad Men. Their #gigantic-egos will not allow them to accept defeat.

If I was forced to pick between the three of them which one is the biggest threat to the world , I would have to go with the Kid-dick-tator. There’s no doubt in my mind, if his back was against the wall, or if he knew for sure he was cashing in, the kid would not hesitate.

What methodology in many instances have come out on top in the winning of a war?? (1) the element of surprise – most important (2) hit them with everything you have, hit them hard, hit them fast, don’t be predictable, keep your cards close to your chest (be secretive ) and play for all the marbles.

I don’t know if everyone involved in these potential horrid world affairs truly has any concept or cares, what the world will look like if and when the nuclear bombs are detonated. It will be total devastation, and the end to civilization the way we know it.

The world’s primary concern right now there are three players. Putin – Kim – Charlie Chan. Which one of them would be desperate enough so pull the pin?? I say under the right conditions, possibly all of them.

It is mind boggling and unconscionable to think that Mother Earth is and can be the most #beautiful, #peaceful, #tranquil place to live for all mankind; if not for so much greed, corruption, and the fanatics who are obsessed with control the entire planet.

There is absolutely enough prosperity to go around if it were not for greed. If circumstances were different, there is no doubt in my mind. all of the world leaders could put their heads together, develop a long lasting peace plan that could survive for centuries, where no human being would have to go to sleep every night on an empty stomach or not having a roof over their head.

#Greed – #control – #power – #domination and #insanity are what keeps these ready to explode volcanoes percolating. The answer to this, they don’t want peace, they don’t want the piece of the pie, they want the entire pie or nothing.

I can say with a share amount of certainty, the USA and its leaders are not is clean and sanctified as they would like people to think. Much of the disastrous conditions in the world are offshoots of the USA invading countries illegally.

If a person wanted to take the time and look back in history, the absolute illegal invasion of Iraq started this gigantic snowball rolling down the hill, getting bigger and faster as it rolled. The two scumbags that started the #war-for-profit walk around with Halos on their head.

That half assed smirk that Tricky Tricky has on his face tells 1,000 tales.

Their are so many circumstances regarding these two #warmongers that stick in my mind. The top two are:

Dick Cheney said he would not do anything different. How could any normal/sane person look at the amount of fatalities The United States suffered, the financial cost; with a good conscience make a statement like that?

GWB was asked to speak at a disabled veterans function and demanded of $200,000 speaking fee and a private jet to transport him to and from the event.

Here was a guy who was roundabout responsible for putting these disabled and wounded where they were; yet had the balls to demand an outrageous speaking fee and a jet taxi cab.

As I have repeated so many times before but bears repeating; mankind is its own worst enemy. We reap what we sow.

Will Putin or one of these other maniacs drop the bomb?? Based on their #psychotic, #egotistical, #dominating/personalities, I would say yes.

Fallout shelters and bunkers will not do anyone any good. Sooner or later when the well runs dry and they have to come out of their hiding place, any place on this earth they go will be highly contaminated.

Based on those facts, I would think that alone would prevent these Mad Men from even considering hitting the red button.

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