Kamikaze Joe, please stay away ….

Biden ramping up for the midterms: ‘Expect more POTUS’

Biden will campaign for Democrats while pushing agenda, adviser tells Fox News


All K J is doing is squandering/pissing-away the good taxpayers hard earned money in jet fuel traveling around the country campaigning for midterm candidates. WAFJJ.

Having Jokin Joe/ Kamikaze Joe vouch for me would be as stupid as inviting Hannibal the Cannibal over for dinner at my house. Most probably I would wind up being his main course.

Kamikaze it’s barely hanging on by a thread politically and in my opinion would do someone more harm than good by giving them the nod. On the other hand, look at all the fools that voted for him and would probably, even under current disastrous conditions, do it again.

This entire country has pathetically evolved into one gigantic lie and falsehood; with all of the politicians on both sides leading the way. The Republican politicians are not much better than the Democrats.

Any desperate fool that would ask Kamakaze to support them is a raving lunatic. Like cutting their own throat.

If the K J was doing a halfway decent job, then I would say go balls to the walls. His approval rating as sunken so low, some say it is lower than whale shit. From what I know, whale shit is the lowest thing in the ocean.

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