The whole world is laughing at Carm-ella ….

No Joey – you have them on the WRONG foot

Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi laugh at space cadet Kamala Harris

And she could give 2 shits less ……

This is another sign of the White House in foreign policy free fall

Not only are Xi (Charlie Chan) and V P laughing at Car-mella, the whole world is, but she and K J are the only fools that don’t know it. The #do-nothing token vice president is a total joke.

On the other hand, she is well aware of her inadequacy’s; seeming very unconcerned and caring less when she stating; the American public got exactly what they wanted they voted K J into office, knowing that she was part of the package.

Critics blast Kamala Harris for claiming voters ‘got what they … › watch

Mar 1, 2022 — Critics have ripped into Kamala Harris after the US Vice-President claimed voters “got what they asked for” electing her and Joe Biden to …

If nothing else, or at least in this very rare instance, this woman is not a hypocrite (I did say in this very rare instance).

I have a gigantic revelation for all of the money/power brokers that are funding Kamikaze Joe’s suicide mission for the United States. It is going to come back and haunt you in spades. When this country goes down, it is going to gobble us all up. Their greed and insatiable appetite for power and control is eventually going to kill them. Unfortunately we will all be victims of their crimes against our country.

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