Only fools do not learn by other people’s mistakes …

Florida prosecutor’s crackdown on repeat offenders leads to drop in violent crimes as Dem city crime soars

Progressive criminal justice reforms have coincided with rising violence in big US cities

Suck it up and admit you were/are wrong fools. Only stand up citizens and people with character have the backbone to admit they made a mistake. It only stings for a little while.

It has nothing to do politics:

Dumbo-a-crats; a drop in the crime rate; did you hear that, a drop the crime rate, something you fools know nothing about.

Just to mention; it took a #good, #level-headed, #law-abiding lady politician to take a step in the right direction. She is not a token. This is how real people do the job they were elected to do, not hide from it.

Melissa Nelson
Drop in crime rate, something you dumb-o-crats fools know nothing about. Can you hear me

A drop in the crime rate is the end result when bad behavior/breaking the law is not tolerated instead of being rewarded



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