Keep dropping those #dead-presidents …..

New Jersey diocese agrees to pay $87.5 million in child sex abuse settlement

The abuse allegedly spanned four decades

How does it feel getting #suckered out of your #hard-earned-money??

Just think; possibly you could have bought a new car, new house, could have taken a vacation around the world, put some money in your kids college fund, even blowing it at the casino, but you chose to continue giving money to the Catholic Church who is using your HARD EARNED #$oldi to pay off #pedophile abuse cases. #Brilliant!!!!

One of the most egregious acts I heard was some son of a bitch who called himself a priest admittedly molested 200 deaf kids. His penalty was being put on full pension in Ireland for the rest of his life. I’m surprised it did not make him a Cardinal.

Just think folks; how many new cars do you figure you bought in through the years???

Wisconsin priest accused of molesting 200 deaf boys – NDTV … › World

Mar 26, 2010 — Sixty-one-year-old Arthur Budzinski alleged he was repeatedly molested at St. John’s School for the Deaf in suburban Milwaukee from age 12 ..

How Much Has the Church Paid Victims So Far?

According to BishopAccountability, the Catholic Church has paid over $4 billion in claims and settlements through over 8,600 cases. That number is likely to continue to grow by another $4 billion and 5,000 new cases, per the Associated Press. To date, the largest successful payout is $660 million

Being that lying is supposed to be a sin, (so is having sex with kids) I don’t believe the church . I have to assume that the settlements totaled a #HELL of lot more than $4 billion.

Out of all the #impostors we have in this world that are #fleecing the shit of the public; I would think the Catholic Church tops the charts because of who and what it should be representing. We can label them as the #biggest-fugazi in the world.

For all that are not familiar with the term:

fugazi Meaning & Origin | Slang by › Home › Words › Slang

Mar 1, 2018 — Fugazi can be used to describe a situation as #“fucked up” or to describe an item as #fake. I could not have described the meaning any simpler.

By #THE-RIGHT-HAMDERS covering up all the #incidents of #pedophilia abuse and allowing it to continue because of their silence, without #revealing and #prosecuting the #sick/degenerate, #scumbag #perpetrators, it is a mortal sin on all of them, from all the popes all the way down to the parish priests who kept silent.

I was in altar boy many years, going all the way back to when the prayers were said in Latin. I was also #brainwashed believer, someone who was indoctrinated by the frustrated nuns and wack-job priests.

90% of the pedophile #abuse/shenanigans rarely existed way back then. They did but on a very minute scale, not to the #magnitude we have today. We trusted priest, we trusted nuns, we trusted the church. Now for me, that is all in the rearview mirror. How can anyone be a #true-follower under the circumstances?

I am not hanging the jacket of blame on all of the people of the cloth, but there are enough that were/are responsible. It would have made a big difference if they came forward from the inception. Just think of all the kids who had their lives ruined on account of the bastards.

It would even ease the pain if the Pope’s and Cardinals, the hierarchy were not involved in this #enormous-coverup. That just goes to show us to what degree they will go to in #suppressing-information just to keep those dead presidents rolling in. Folks don’t bullshit yourself , it was all about the money

You want to be a good person, you want to be a role model to others?? Do it by example. It is not necessary to confess our sins to some dude sitting on the other side of a screen in a little box that may be a worse sooner than we are.

Be a good person, love your family, be honest in your business dealings, treat people the way you want to be treated, and #respect-mankind and #animals.

Save your money and take your kids and wife on a nice long vacation. Maybe buy some new underwear and socks, the ones you are wearing probably has holes in them.

Who is the worst person?? The guy that does not go to church but lives by all of the above or the hypocritical #sons-a-bitch who goes to church every week, but #cusses you out in the parking lot for taking his parking space??

In my opinion religions were instituted for two things. First to generate money – secondly to put fear in people. People that are fear-full of life or have a guilty conscience are more apt to donate then someone with a clean conscience.

Take a good look back in the church is history and then tell me you are still a believer.

Dark History of the Catholic Church: Schisms, Wars … › Dark-History-Catholic-Chur…

Dark History of the Catholic Church: Schisms, Wars, Inquisitions, Witch Hunts, Scandals, Corruption (Dark Histories) – Kindle edition by Kerrigan, Michael.

A little #tidbit/trivia many people do not know about. At one time priests in the Catholic religion were allowed to be married. That was all well and good with hierarchy until they put their heads together and figure it out. When the priest died, the money they had accumulated/taken from the basket was left to their family. The higher ups would have no part of that, so they abolished the rule of priest allowing to be married. The chief honchos wanted the inheritance to go to the church instead of a priest family.

You think they cry about money now? How about if they had five kids, an extravagant wife, car payments, house payments, clothing purchases, plus every other expense that comes with the territory when we say I do.

I don’t even want to touch of the very sensitive issue of gays marrying gays. Just how far do we think picture flip church will bend over to accept situations like that?? It can get much more complicated than it is today.

Many people in the church feel if the priests were allowed to get married it would cut down or eliminate the pedophilia conditions. WRONG in capitol letters. Anybody that knows anything about sex, has to know that child molesting is not a normal sex act, but a true act of control and dominance.

Are these the people you feel compelled to tell your sins to??

The Sinful Love Lives of Catholic Popes Throughout History › popes-and-their-love-li…

Dec 19, 2021 — Popes, especially the Medieval popes, had love lives involving incest, same-sex relationships, orgies, and lots of children.

By all means support and donate to legitimate honest institutions like the Red Cross, St Judes, the Shriners and other reputable organizations. Be careful where those hard earned dollars go.


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