Surprised maybe – shocking not ….

Fox News

Shocking 43% jump in Black Americans murdered in 2020 compared to the past 10-year average

Possibly when the leaders in the black community start preaching EDUCATION instead of RETALIATION, that is one way we may see a big turn around.

Borrowing doctor Phil’s cliche once again: how was what you were doing so far working out for you??

If everyone in the world would ask themselves that question every day, take an objective look at themselves and do whatever is necessary to be a stand up citizen and a role model, the world would be a a much better place.

Change for the better takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I used to tell the people that trained with me; it took you all your life to get in the poor physical condition you’re in, don’t expect it to change overnight.

One of the major problems that exists in the black community is the leadership and the very gullible people being drawn in by the instigating, rabble rousers, keeping them pissed off so they continue to donate to their bogus organizations. It totally astounds me that these good people (the parishioners/followers) cannot see past the hustlers façade/con.

We can all be assured of one thing, if there is a buck to be made, this parasite Albert Sharpless will be at the front of the line with his tin cup.

The Three Musketeers

Do they have legitimate gripe or cause to hate the establishment for it’s past horrendous deeds?? Absolutely, no one can deny it. I think that has been established millions of times over.

Now the time has long passed to put aside history and focus on the future for the country. By constantly jamming hatred down the young people’s throats only generates animosity and hatred in them. The absolute best course of action is through EDCATION.

It is a foregone conclusion/commonsense that the past cannot be changed, but the road to the future can be paved in gold if everyone pulls in the same direction. The best way to achieve #harmony and less racism is through EDUCATION.

I am not suggesting that anyone forgets the atrocities that once plagued the black people going back centuries. What I am suggesting, for the betterment of all mankind, I would hope that they could put that in the closet, not forget it but use it for a medium of, what not to do in the future. The path to success is through #EDUCATION not #RETALIATION.

Let us be realistic and accept the fact that #racism or #dissension between human beings has been here since the beginning of time and will never end. But steps can be taken to turn the raging forest fire into a small campfire.

From this to

Nowhere it is written that everyone must like or love one another. That is too much of an impossibility. What is possible and certainly can be achieved, if everyone shares the same goal, by respecting one another through EDUCATION.

One of the many phrases I have coined; If everyone likes you, you are doing something wrong?

Don’t like me and I won’t like you; that is OK with me. BUTT if you respect me I will respect you no matter what color your skin is, your nationality, how many dead presidents your daddy has, and what kind of ride do you ride in.

Peopleeeeeeeeeeee; who are we doing this but for ourselves in future generations. Don’t be so self-centered and ignorant with your offspring by raising them in the miserable conditions we see today in this country. Love your kids, love your grandchildren, show them you love them by setting good examples?

I would like to put the #blame-jacket most #heavily on the #government and the #worthless #politicians for not doing everything possible to #eliminate #racism. Instead of spending #trillions of dollars on benefits for illegals and in far off countries; the fools that are steering the vessel should be taking care of their own passengers. What does it tell you about our leadership?? There is none.

I am not putting the entire blame on Kamikaze Joe; this #disfunctionality started a long time before he put his ass in THE BIG CHAIR. BUTT – BUTT, with some of the 50 plus years he has spent in political office, bleeding it for all its worth, a great deal of what is destroying this country today is a direct results of his piss poor contributions to politics and his incompetence. He spent too much time educating his kid how to hustle in be a thief. The Brat said it in his own words and Kamikaze agreed.

All the money our governments #squanders on people and countries around the world; instead, they should be setting up tens and thousands of #educational-facilities that would be #mandatory to attend, that will eventually, through hard work and dedication set our young people down the road to success. It will not be an easy task but it is something that is absolutely necessary. It took decades and centuries to get as F-ed as we are; the fix will not be a quick or easy one

Now tell me you parasite – pathetic- politicians (PPP), WTF is so difficult about that initiative. If you cannot handle this type of operation, I have a lot of time on my hands. I would love to spearhead the operation. Contact me through my website. Give me enough funding and authority to do what is necessary then get out of my way. Your lip service is killing me and a lot of other people.

Start putting your money where your mouth is instead of using it as toilet paper. Take care of your own. Andddddd start penalizing the rabble rousing instigators that are setting the forest fires.

Is it any wonder these conditions exist?? The masochist people keep slamming their head into a brick wall and wonder why it hurts.

Shocking 43% jump in Black Americans murdered in 2020 compared to the past 10-year average

At this rate, in about 15 or 20 years, there will not be a hell of a lot of people left in that population.

Pay me now or much more later.

Folks; later has already arrived!!

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