Optimistic but the big BUT still remains ….

Former Russian foreign minister reveals #precisely when Putin may-pull-the-trigger on #nuclear #weapons

Frederick Kagan argued that Putin operates within a ‘fictional universe’


I have been saying this all along; Putin will only hit the red button if his back is against the wall, he has nowhere else to turn and losing the battle. Although that is encouraging information, the BIG BUT still remains a strong possibility.

Anytime such a madman exists that would deliberately annihilate other human beings in the brutal and savage manner he is in Ukraine, he has to be considered extremely dangerous and unpredictable.

Based on scientific findings, after a nuclear incident, accidentally or on purpose, the areas affected will remain uninhabitable for 20,000 years. I would hope that no one in this world is EVER that desperate for power that they would inflict that catastrophe upon mankind.

Making Chernobyl safe: a timeline – Power Technology

https://www.power-technology.com › analysis › makin…

Jun 3, 2020 — It is estimated to remain highly radioactive for up to 20,000 years.

In the days of old when knights were bold, wars were settled by warriors on horseback using spears, swords and shields. The better man/victor was determined by courage, tactical maneuvers, military skills and possibly a kid with a good aim and a slingshot.

In what many people like to call modern times and advancements, victory in wars goes to a person/country with the most and more powerful nuclear bombs and insanity to use them.

I compare modern day warfare to kids being allowed to use computers in school. Who is truly solving the problem, the kid or the computer. In modern day warfare, who is really winning the war, the bombs (deadly computers) or the people that control them. Advancements in technology it’s not as great or beneficial as people would like to think it is.

Wars and the warmongers who want to control the planet have been in existence since the beginning of time and are not going to cease to exist anytime soon. Some experts claim, this is the way to control the population. I could think of many more ways than war.

Then the world has the other lunatics Iran to deal with that may be more dangerous than Putin. Who do we have to blame for Iran’s military might?? Naturally our former president who financed their military capabilities.

In all reality, TMC paid the enemy allowing them to wage war on the world. That blunder, accidental or on purpose, possibly can be the most stupid fuckin move in modern day history!! But then again, we have Kamikaze Joe in the shadows that is running a close second to Obama’s stupidity, possibly out doing him.

Do we live in a twisted and sick society or what? How would we even begin to explain to someone in an insane asylum that United States financed it’s own enemy so they can wage war in the world?? The crazy bastards would laugh us out of the room.


Iran will target ‘the heart’ of Israel if the Jewish state makes ‘slightest move’ against it, president warns

Threat comes after Iran accused Israel of ‘Zionist aggression’ following clashes at Al-Aqsa

Self destruction is the only term the comes to mind when I evaluate the deplorables conditions in the world.

Let us all hope and pray that any Mad Men who has the red button at their disposal has at least 1/2 a heart or compassion for mankind. In all reality, down the line, I’m not too optimistic, just hopeful.

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