USA – its own worst enemy, dissension in the ranks ….

While the fools (politicians) in the USA or ripping each other apart, Putin, Charlie Chan, The Kid Dick-tator, Iran and all the rest of our staunchest enemies recognize all of the turmoil in the ranks and are taking full advantage of it, in every direction and sector, not only in the military. These people are working around the clock to dismantle the United States and to bring it to its knees.

While Putin has many possible targets, perhaps none is more prominent, more inviting and more familiar than a US political system that is in more disarray than at any time in modern memory. America’s bruised democracy, marked by its painfully inflamed political divisions, is ripe for exploitation. Given that Putin has exploited those divisions in the past, it seems increasingly likely he might try do so again.

Instead of focusing on our national security at every level; the #stupid-fuckin-socio-democratic-commie party spent four years and billions of dollars trying to hang Donald Trump and only came away with air. In the meantime all of our #adversaries were #sharpening their #axe waiting to #pounce at the right time. Their houses are #burning to the ground and they were cutting the grass. #Stupidity beyond belief.

At least 90% of the politicians in this country are only in it for their own financial success and gratification. They could give 2 shits about the people there are supposed to be representing.

Many times, pulling in the same direction as your adversary can be beneficial to both sides. They are not smart enough to understand that.

I have always maintained there is strength in unity; our country has not been so weak and divided in its history. The most opportune time to attack your opponent is when they are at their weakest point. The USA has never been so weak.

Most of our leaders can be compared to the #scumbag-hustling-preachers that are only conning the shit out of their congregation and enriching their own coffers. Same O same O, just with a different suit. Most of these con men readily admits that they are scamming their congregation, but the fools keep dropping those dead presidents in the basket. Go figure!!


Televangelist asks his followers for $54m for private jet – NBC … › nightly-news › video › televa…


Are these guys disgraceful or what. Scumbags like them which step over a dying in kid to pick up a penny.

Televangelist Jesse Duplantis says that God told him he needed a fourth private plane and he’s asking his followers to foot the bill for $54 …

Take a wild guess, Duplantis got his wish and GOD rewarded him (through his congregation) his fourth jet plane.

Sometimes I am not firing on all 8 and have a difficult time trying to see the logic in some situations. WITF does this scumbag preacher need 4 jet planes. Being somewhat generous, possibly two if one of them broke down, but not four. GMAFB revs!!!

There are a couple different enemy factions standing on the outside looking in watching our politicians and homeland terrorists tearing the country apart, waiting for the opportunity to come in with a big loaf of bread and mop up all the gravy.

One enormous element that exists in the USA most people have not got a grasp on it yet and possibly never will. We are all in the same fight together, fighting the same enemies and should be supporting one another.

Primarily because of our leadership that is inept, we are having an internal Tug of War. Consequent results = weakness = vulnerability = control = domination = defeat. Simple as that. The dangerous challenges of the USA are staring us in the face and most people refuse to recognize dangers.

What other country in the world have we ever seen where some of it’s citizens are calling for disbanding the police or for a huge cut in the size of their police force?? This is just one of the many elements that proves just how ignorant many people are. The majority of our directions and good examples should be coming from our political leaders. When we have such a division in politics, what can we expect the end result to be but chaos.

Having Kamikaze Joes at the helm of the ship in these dire conditions, it is impossible to have been plagued with anyone worse.

Chaos = weakness = vulnerability = control = domination = defeat.

The fools we have controlling our government are so obsessed with their personal agendas, politically financially, they do not see or do not care about the harm they are doing. The only answer can be they are in concert attempting to put the USA under. May I say they were doing a good job.

I don’t have a crystal ball, and if I did might not want to look in it. Unless there are some drastic changes in the way the USA does business and starts bringing together the unity of the nation, the direction we are going can only be described as a self imposed suicide mission.

I have used this comparison so many times before. It is probably the best example of history repeating itself because of the arrogance and ignorance of its leaders.

8 Reasons Why Rome Fell

Find out why one of history’s most legendary empires finally came crashing down.

You have to read this; the similarities are astounding. All of the mistakes and errors we are committing now will absolutely come back and haunt us, resulting in the destruction of the once powerful United States of America.

This above article should be mandatory for all the politicians in the USA to read. If they have any common sense what so ever (doubtful) they will heed the word and take the necessary steps to turn our self-destruction around.

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