5 M’s (#Miserable #Mad #Maxine #Money #Monger)

Maxine Waters pays daughter another $24,000 in campaign cash, adding to $1.2M in previous payments

California Democrat has consistently paid daughter campaign cash since 2003

Keep them dead presidents comin in Mama, your BABY needs a new ride, mink coat and the new crib

5 M’s is just a blatant big mouth old bitch, she will continue telling the establishment to go #fuck-themselves ( I was going to say thumb her nose at them what is it is not explicit enough) as long as they do not prosecute her for her thievery and other illegal activities. She has been getting away with metaphorical murder for years. Reason Being; she is a #loudmouth-black-lady-defiant-politician, who knows, the louder she screams racism, the more she can get away with.

Based on their philosophes and track records, I think 5 M’s and Albert Sharpless are 1st cousins.

There is one thing that has puzzled me for years about the two of them. If they hate white people as much as they do (no secret), why do they process their hair to look like a honkie.????? Gotta go el-natural folks.

5 M’s has been in politics for a number of years (way too long) and knows damn well that political donations are not supposed to serve as a money pit for the recipients, for their family or their friends. BUTT, 5 M’s does not think that #rules/laws apply to her. What she does do when she gets caught with her tits in a wringer, start running her mouth about racism.

One of the most pathetic conditions that exist; people like 5M’s and Sharpless know damn well they are #conning-the-shit out of their flock, many of which are people living from payday to payday, but still donate to their illegitimate causes. These make believe holy men and hypocritical politicians are about as low as well can be.

Whenever 5 M’s back is against the wall, she knows if she screams loud enough and long enough most people would back off. I would like to get introduced to her.

No one, regardless of what position they hold (Kamikaze Joe), what their skin color is, religious beliefs, political persuasions, who their daddy is, should be above he law.

The only description that I have for the prosecutors in her jurisdiction are spineless cowards and should not the amount to sit on the throne.

I would love to see her go from this 5 million $$$$$ crib to being locked up in a 8 x10 cell, looking out instead of looking in.


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