Gotta bring the guys with the straight jackets in ….

Republicans slam Biden admin for ‘deeply troubling’ possibility VA docs could go to border for expected surge

Massive migrant surge expected when Title 42 ends in late May

Eenie meenie miney Moe, I cannot figure out which way to go

Every move and every step Kamikaze Joe takes is a step in the wrong direction. Now this anti-American, anti military fools it’s considering pulling doctors from the understaffed and overworked VA and send them to the borders to assist in the medical inspection of the illegals that he is allowing to come into the country. This fool is mentally disturbed!!!

In K J’s minuscule brain, he regards the health and welfare of the illegals before the people that have put their lives on the line to defend this country. Sacrilegious doesn’t even come close to how this country has regressed on his watch. He is a disgrace to himself disgrace in this country. He has done nothing but undermined and destroyed everything he’s touched since he sat in the big chair.

If the damage he has created and caused in 16 months represent an example of the what to expect in the future of how much more he could fuck this country up, he has 22 remaining months in office, there will be nothing left when his term is up except mounds of destruction and debris from sea to shiny sea. The guy is a human Wrecking Ball.

The other day I made an exception and put a double maloochio.

So you want to defund and get rid of cops …..

Posted on 04/12/2022 by The Goomba Gazette

Today I am going to do triple on this fool K J. I hardly if ever wish anyone bad luck; but K J and his cronie/commie/homies are an exception to my rule.

This fool and his entire contingency need to be taken out to pasture permanently before there was no more grazing land for him to destroy.


F-in K J is pathetic. Who is he going to call on to assist and save his ass when the shit hits the fan militarily in our country, the ILLEGAL immigrants or the military??? GMAFB

The people in this country knew there would be a great deal of disruption when Kamikaze Joe took office; but never could we (even the fools on the left and progressives) imagine the magnitude of damage that has taken place under his watch.

This guy has done a number on the entire world, not only his opposition by his incompetence, poor judgment, anti-American maneuvers.


The worst part of it; he seems to be clueless and DNGAF!!! I don’t know if this guy had an #emergency #lobotomy before he took office to wire his brain to work in reverse??

I just cannot come to terms or see any rhyme or reason why he makes such irrational decisions. It is not normal behavior. Has to be anti-American just like his former boss TMC, can’t be any other explanation.

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