#Nuts, #delusional, #crazy, #pathological-liar #incompetent-leader ……

Biden says he’s doing ‘everything’ in his power to reduce gas prices

The president blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for last month’s inflation rate of 8.5%

President Biden on Tuesday said he is doing “everything” within his power to “bring down the price” of gas across the nation, saying family budgets and Americans’ abilities to “fill up” their gas tanks should not “hinge on whether a dictator” like Russian President Vladimir Putin “declares war” or “commits genocide.”

YGBSM!!! Kamikaze Joe and his clan control all of the elements/strings that dictates the conditions the economy is in. Butt, because he is a coward and a sleazebag, just like all of the predicaments his Brad kid is involved in, he tries to shift the blame someone else and not take responsibility for his own actions.

I guess shutting off the oil pipe line and swinging the border gates wide open as soon as he was elected was also the doing of Putin. Those two incidents are the precursor of what we see today.

The disruption of the USA’s economy was the major game plan of these socio-Democrats from the very beginning, long before they slid KJ under the front door of the White House. If you control the economy, you control the people.

For this fool that calls himself the president of the United States, attempts to put the blame on Putin for the disastrous economical conditions of our country, this alone proves he is stone cold coward and liar.

And this is the guy the #Pope gave #communion too. #GMAFB – #corruption and #cronyism have no boundaries

Only a person that is #half-a-man will not accept #responsibilities for their #blunders, and on top of it denied them, they are absolutely pathetic.

Folks take a wild guess and see how many of these you can pin on your president. I say at least half.

The biggest lie Kamikaze Joe ever told was; #he is not a liar, and tells it with a straight face.

Virtually his entire life has been one big F-in lie. Think I am bullshitting or picking on him??

Biden’s obsessive lies – small and large – are big trouble for …

https://nypost.com › 2021/11/22 › bidens-obsessive-lies…

Nov 22, 2021 — President Joe Biden keeps telling lies. He just told a New Hampshire crowd of “having had a house burn down with my wife in it — she got out …

The Full List Of Every Lie Biden Has Told As President – The …

https://thefederalist.com › Latest

Mar 8, 2022 — Here is part three of The Federalist’s rigorous coverage keeping the Biden administration accountable with substantive fact-checking.

Here’s The Full List Of Every Lie Joe Biden Has Told As President: 147 And Counting


MARCH 08, 2022

Is lying just an automatic reflex, are all his lies deliberate, does he even know he’s lying, is he just that twisted lying has become an obsession?? I would contend that lying is so ingrained in Joe, his issues tare all of the above.

What a pathetic example he is as the president of the United States.

The naysayers will come back in defense of Kamikaze and say that Donald Trump was a big liar as well. They are absolutely correct. There is one factor that separates Kamikaze Joe from Trump, it is Trump being #absolute-patriot. Trump tried his best to build America up; where #Kamikaze-the-coward is doing everything in his power to destroy it. It is there in black and white staring us in the face so how can anyone deny??

I hear the other night Kamikaze lost control of his bodily functions and defecated on a very expensive rug at the White House. Do we know the rest of that story???

K J claims one of his dogs was the phantom shitter – Putin has never visited the White House since K J has been in office so you could not blame him

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