So you want to defund and get rid of cops …..

Brooklyn subway shooting: Multiple wounded, schools sheltering in place as manhunt underway

The NYPD is investigating a subway station shooting in Brooklyn, NY, where several people were shot. Officials initially responded to reports of undetonated devices, but later determined there were no active devices in the subway station.

I hate to put the malocchio on anyone; BUTT what if the people that foster/initiated these #ass- a-nine ideas or one of their relatives were victims of these animals. Wonder if the PPC-ers would have a different perspective??

THE ITALIAN WAMMIES – I WISH YOU THE WORST POSSIBLE LUCK – the victim’s blood is on your hands

In my opinion a robot could have a better speech than the mayor of New York.

Why do most politicians need a cue cards to read off of?? So they cannot forget their lies

Possibly one of these days (but I doubt it) the officials that govern these regulations may wake up to the fact that #praying for law order, is like #shoveling-shit into the wind and it’s not going to cut it. As I said so many times before; the only thing the criminal/thugs element understand is something or someone more violent than they are. That is a fact of life, love it or leave it.

You wanna be a priest/monk, join the monastery – you wanna be a nun, join a cloistered organization.

As long as the #criminals/thugs know that they have a bunch of #candy-ass-weakling-politicians running the government, they will continue to break the law in every barbaric manners possible, knowing they will receive little to #no-punishment for their crimes.

Today I am gonna make an exception and cast a double #Malocchio on the permission fools that called themselves lawmakers.

Va fon gool a tutta la tua famiglia


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