Talk about putting on an Academy Award performance ….

Academy member says Will Smith must atone for ‘brutality,’ return Oscar award

Actor Harry Lennix called slap ‘the stain on the Motion Picture Academy’

Lennix argued the slap “will gnaw away at our national conscience” unless Smith returns his Academy Award, adding that the ban on him attending future Oscars is a “toothless penalty” comparable to an “extended time out for a playground bully.” GMAFB Lenny!!!

With a profoundly pathetic statement like that, it looks to me like Lennix is shooting for his own Academy Award.

GMAFB LENNY; all the wannabes are trying to get their 15 minutes of fame out this insignificant slap and are trying to squeeze all the blood out of the turnip they can.

NOWWWWWW, if The Rock would have spit out some teeth after the slap, it may have put a different slant on the incident.

If an incident as trivial as this bothers these fools, they better keep their delicate ass out of the ghetto where incidents like this our common occurrence.

What do the pacifists think about this??

The boys are only having a little fun on their night out.

Lighten up folks, it is a cruel world out there; only be strong will survive. If you never got blasted between the eyes/had your bell rung, you don’t know what you’re missing!! I would highly recommend it, it is a real character builder.

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