Kamikaze Joe you need to take a lesson from this lady …

14-year-old Michigan robbery suspect turned in by no-nonsense mom

His mother had told police her son had a ‘large sum of money’ he was not supposed to have


The only thing we #accomplish when we #shelter/cover-up, Aid Abetting our kids is give them permission or approval their #destructive actions are #acceptable. #Kamikaze #Joe should take a peek a this lady’s playbook and use it for an example of how he should have raised THE BRAT.

2015 riots in Baltimore – #SUPER-MOM goes into action; give her punk kid an #ass-whipping for the World to see.

Seven years later, bet this kid still has has his #balls-busted by his #homies. But I bet he is not in jail like a lot of them are. If he is smart he will thank his mother for doing the right thing.

My hat is off to this SUPER MOM. I extend my deepest respect to her and the other SUPER MOM from Michigan for turning her bandit kid in. This is what a good parent is supposed to do.

My deepest respect Madame

If Kamikaze Joe and all the other #permissive/delinquent parents would give their kids good Baltimore beating, slap the shit out of their kids years ago if they deserved it, we would not have had the problems we are facing today with our out of control junior criminals.

I just can not resist ……

I think it’s safe to say; THE BRAT did not fall far from the tree.

When a good parent disciplines their kid, they certainly are not doing it for their own gratification, they are doing it to teach their kids the right path to follow in life. Many times the parent is worse than the kid is, and kids absolutely learn by example.

Bad behavior should not be rewarded or concealed. If there were more parents in this world like the two SUPER MOMS; we would not have all the monumental problems we face today with our young people being out of line.

One good example are the out of control Spring Breakers, but there is another completely different issue.

Look how nice the girls playing; they are trying to rip Kmazikerifu out of her head by the roots.

What a little bit of booze and drugs will do for a couple wild bitches

The cops heard some of the spectators say; #fuck breaking this up, I wanna get it on video.

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