The Academy is doing the guy a favor …..

Will Smith has acknowledged the motion picture academy’s decision to ban him from the Oscars for 10 years.

“I accept and respect the academy’s decision,” the actor said in a statement obtained by Fox News Digital on Friday.

Little did the Academy know, they did this guy a favor. He doesn’t have to sit and rub elbows with all those liberal. freaks for another 10 years.

Anddddddd; to top off his ignorance, all the liberal freaks gave the Taxi Driver a standing ovation. This definitely was not the time and the place for The Raging Bull to air his laundry.

Just like the Brer Rabbit story; The Fox thought he was punishing rabbit but did him a favor when he threw the Hare into the briar patch.

Will buddy; I still say you did the right thing. A man has to stick up for his family. If you make a mistake now and then that goes with the territory. It is better off to be honorable fool than a dishonorable fool The only mitigating circumstance was whether or not the Rock knew that Jada had or medical condition.

I think she looks gorgeous without hair

The slap that was heard around the world, thrown by the SLAPPER onto the jaw of the SLAPEE, seems to bother all of the do-gooders more than SLAPEE. WITBFD; both of these guys lived in the hood, so incidents like this would have been an everyday occurrence. WITBFD!!! They used to get slapped around like this on the way to work fight. WITBFD!!

Although there was no physical contact, can anyone with 1-10th of a brain argue that what the SLAPPER did was worse than what The Deer Hunter did?? GMAFB!!! Grow up girls!! Quit trying to make it into a a Bronx Tale.

Will buddy; these fools could you a big favor and don’t know it. Enjoy the next 10 years of R&R.

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