Joy is sure no Joy – this will broad needs some serious help ….


Is this a look of HATE or what!!!

Some of the tweets that Reid’s colleagues didn’t comment on include: her claim that Republicans are a “pro-rape” and “pro-child marriage party,” a tweet suggesting anyone from the GOP going against Ketanji Brown Jackson is on the “Dixiecrat side of history,” an assertion that “Republicans vote like al Qaeda fights: with a patient, long-term goal of seizing power and forcing the libertine culture to heel under the boot; no matter how many elections it takes,” her theory that Kyle Rittenhouse and Justice Brett Kavanaugh benefited from “male White tears” and a belief that “people on the right would trade all the tax cuts for the ability to openly say the n-word.” 

I GOT two words for you Joy Baby – YO MAMA!!

Please, someone out there go buy a case of duct tape and wrap it around his Broads head. If you feel a little benevolent or humane , you may even want to leave a couple air holes so she is able to breathe from her nose.

Fools like her love keep the racial fires raging in this country; that keeps her relevant. The other fools that buy into her vile rhetoric are just as bad as she is.

There is a particular element of person in this world who I like to call opportunistic-gigantic-parasite. They’re in every race, ONLY some are better at it than others. They love to beat their chest (gotta watch out for the boobs), love to jump on ridiculous/over-the-top issues bandwagon and ride it out for everything it’s worth, only to gain popularity for themselves.

They suck the blood right out of the issue until this dry and continually piss off the people that may be affected by the situation. Even if they’re not affected by the situation personally, the antagonist makes them believe they are, always lighting a fire under their gullible ass to keep those dead presidents coming in. They continually target the people that are down and out praying on their sympathy and weakness. Like the scumbag, high end, holy rollers con man preachers that will take a person’s last dime so they could continue to live high on the hog. They are all cut out of the same cloth.

For this instigating broad (UN-JOY-ASS) to call the Republicans pro rape and pro child marriage party; she is 1,000% out of line. Can we assume that there would be a gigantic uproar if the shoe was on the different foot and someone was referring to her people as pro rape and pro child marriage party?? The shit would really hit the fan. BUTTTTT, because she is black; because she is a woman she thinks she has a license too bad rap anybody she pleases. Up until now, she has been succeeding on her mission.

I have to believe that somewhere down the line, Joy and Maximum Maxine have to be blood relatives .


The two would make a magnificent tag team couple in the WWF. They can go by the HATE SISTERS.

I’ll call Vinny this weekend and run it by him, see if he is interested in booking them.

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