The biggest lie they told was, they don’t lie ….

Biden wrote college recommendation letter for son of Hunter’s Chinese business partner, emails reveal

Biden’s recommendation letter for Chinese executive’s son was sent directly to Brown’s president, email says

If anyone out there assumes that this is the only time the then vice president Joe Biden intervened in his kids behalf, I still have plenty of prime swampland for sale.

Without a doubt KJ is as dirty as his kid is in all of the backdoor deals with foreign governments and other entities. I think the further the FBI digs into the LOST computer The Brat drop off for repair and forgot to pick it up; if prosecutors put your nose to the grindstone and thoroughly investigate the computer forensically, that will be the anchor sinks their ship. Mind you that is only wishful thinking.

For years The Brat denied any knowledge of the phantom computer and claimed the one in the repair shop was not his. When evidence became so damning, he could no longer deny it, the boy finally had to drop his drawers and take it on the keister.

In my opinion, any person asking their father, who happens to be a very influential person, to do them favor by assisting a friend it’s not a big deal. To lie about it and constantly denying any involvement, that’s where the problem lies. In essence the problem lies with the lies. The old cliche has always been; if they are lying about this, what else are they covering up??

Possibly the mold in this case may be broken and justice will be served. Don’t hold your breath!!

The Republicans have to take a page out of the Socio-democrats playbook and become like an enraged bulldog with a bone in his mouth that won’t let go. Only persistence and determination is going to sink the Biden ship.

This is toooooooo good toooooo resist not always jumping on it:

That’s #super-ego can really be #ass-kicker. I just heard recently from one of my roving reporters; K J is denying that this is him in this picture on the book cover. I bet there are thousands of fools out there who believe him.

Our president is so dirty, he figured it would be cost effective for him to have his own place instead of sending his dirty laundry out.


All politicians get a 40% discount. We do computer laundering in the backroom out of sight from prying eyes. Don’t forget to pick it up, it could be very costly/damning down the road.

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