The same people the TMC finance to help kill us ….

Biden’s nuclear deal adds ‘legitimacy’ to Iran’s activities, may provide Russia sanction relief: Diplomats

Former UN Ambassador Danny Danon said signing a new deal is a ‘mistake’

Are we talking about the same people (IRAN) that TMC (AKA O-BANG-MA) released or gave billions of dollars to to assist them in developing their nuclear weapon systems, the one they swore they never would??

I even palletized it neatly for them

Is this mind blowing and inconceivable or what????

Wasn’t the primary condition of releasing the billions to them that they would never use the money to further their nuclear ambitions?? So tell me, what is change now?? They are the same villains, they are telling the same old lies and we have the same old fools in our country that are buying their bullshit.

Why in the name of anything sacred or commonsensical would KJ want to do any business with the enemy, except he may be on the receiving end of a huge payday when all of the dust settles. They will probably funnel it through his BRAT KID, in order to take the spotlight away from KJ. So far, they have been very successful in keeping THE BRAT out of the Brig.


If KJ keeps up this chiseling, when he leaves office (the sooner the better) he might be worth more than Putin. It never occurred to me before now, this may be hi$ ambition

The only logical explanation for this maneuver; the benefactors of Iran (KJ and company) have to be in bed with them. Based practices and track record, what else is a person supposed to believe??

Fast forward a few years; now we have TMC’s brother K J from a different father, negotiating a deal that will (the same guys that said they never would) help them advance/legitimize their nuclear system.

Danny Danon, the former Israeli Ambassador to the U.N., told Fox News Digital that the deal adds “legitimacy” to Iran’s nuclear ambitions. 

“I think it would be a mistake to sign this deal,” Danon said. “It is better to have no deal and to be aware of the threat and the problem.”

Why put the brakes on this lunatic TMC now, the guy is a human Wrecking Ball. Everything he’s touched so far has been demolished/detrimental to the United States. I just may have to change his handle to COVID Joe, or Bubonic Plague Joe. That is just how deadly this fool is.

To all the naysayers that are drawn into K J’s bullshit; thinking rational, unbiased and logical, please explain to me why you are still such staunch believers of his based on all the negative transactions he is pushed through since he’s been in office. How can you be so naive and gullible??

I don’t know how many people follow my blogs closely; but I truly like to take a neutral position and compliment or acknowledge the good some people have done. I have done it several times even with TMC (not may but several) when he was in office.

As hard as I try, KJ has not given me much to write home about. I wish that there would be somethings positive for me to say about him. He has been accused everything from sexual harassment to theft and not one red flag has been raised or any attempt to prosecute him or his family members for being complicit. Folks; that is what we call powerful.

I even acknowledged/praised the fact when he initiated the bill that was supposed to clean up and repair all of the decaying infrastructure in this country. Little did I know that his proposal was just another political #horse-shit #smokescreen. Only 7% of the entire package was for the infrastructure; the rest of the funds or pork was to go for personal pet projects and rewards for people that supported him in the election. Needless to say; I regret I gave Kamikaze a pat on his head he did not deserve.

KJ and the rest you thieves in Washington; give me something positive to write about. You people are killing this country, most probably literally!! You are breaking Miss liberty’s heart.

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