Our future leaders …..

Beneath are the poster children of the 60’s and 70’s that took full advantage of #free-love, #smoking-dope, #promiscuity and the #lack-of-morality. What we have with today’s Spring Breakers is just an example of how history is repeating itself.

The guy in the beard, (the one on the left) claim he never inhaled. To that point, that happened to be the first biggest lie he ever told.

The next whopper he told was:

You can put all the finery and expensive perfume on a person to camouflage their true identity/character, but you cannot put lipstick on a pig.

What we are seeing in Florida and California Spring Breakers is one of the long term results with the lack of discipline and control. You cannot let stallion run wild in their earlier years without breaking them properly, and then expect to ride them when they get older. By that time, they are to old and set in their ways for anyone to put the metaphoric saddle on them.

If you want a straight tree; you have to bend it when it’s young.

As you can see, I did the post below seven years ago. Not much has changed since except conditions have become a lot worse.

I would have liked to do a follow up on this little tramp to see where she is at in life today.

She told the reporter “fuck my parents”

Posted on 03/30/2015 by The Goomba Gazette


I tried to open the video but it is since has been blocked.


Trickle down effects of the Wild Willie and the CNC (Crooker Hilary Clinton) era, is the result of what we’re seeing today.

Folks as I have been preaching from my soapbox for years, no society can successfully exist without law and order.

I am well aware of the fact that a good majority of the business owners in these areas rely on the Spring Breakers for their annual income. The old saying; you can’t have it both ways is pretty apropos, Either you want law and order or you wanna hustle that watered down whiskey and beer.

Florida attorney general declares state ‘safe’ after Miami Beach curfew, but concerns linger

Spring breakers continue to flock to Miami Beach after lockdown despite parents’ concerns

California spring break bash chaos: Authorities make multiple arrests, declare ‘multi casualty incident’

Multiple arrests were made at the gathering on Friday

The future leaders of this country, the over-worked (poor underprivileged, deprived little darlings) have it so tough during the school year; they find it necessary to go to places like Florida and California for little R & R, peace and quiet to unwind.

Whatever happened to getting a job for the summer, (4 letter word WORK) all of them detest?? Why would they ever consider working when they have the permissive parents that continually support all their bad habits??

Based on the fact there are so many inadequate parents in this country; how can there possibly be any control over the kids that behave just like their parents do.

From what I can see, the booze and drug consumption as increased exponentially over the last few years to were it is just about out of control.

Much of this behavior is fostered and approved of by the far lefters, the same people who are looking to have socialism taking over the country. No laws, no control, no cops , no discipline, no consequences, that is their mantra.

Marijuana use at historic high among college-aged adults in 2020

Annual NIH-supported study reports changing substance use trends among college students and college-aged adults

There is a rumor circulating with the IN-people; Kamikaze Joe’s administration it’s going to reduce the legal age for alcohol and Mary Jane consumption to 14 years old in order to generate much needed additional revenue.

A couple days ago, a reporter AXED Kamikaze if he was going to legalize prostitution throughout the country. He said; why bother, most of the whores in this country are in DC,

It still dumbfounds the shit out of me (but doesn’t surprise me); instead of the political parasites scrutinizing what is already on the books, excess pork that is an overburden and unnecessary, their only solution to generating new money is to print more dead presidents and raise taxes. That is so easy Bozo can do it.

New head of the treasury and his staff

When Bozo was asked how he liked his new position; he said; the only thing that bothered him was wearing a tie every day and he could not piss in the bushes anymore.

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