There is no doubt about it; Kamikaze Joe is absolutely mentally disturbed

Dem senators sound alarm over reports Biden administration will end Title 42 border policy

Title 42 order, implemented in March 2020, is expected to end May 23

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Moderate Democratic senators are expressing concern over reports that the Biden administration will lift the Title 42 public health order which has been used at the border to rapidly expel migrants — raising fears of a colossal migrant wave this summer.

“I think they should reconsider,” Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., told reporters on Thursday. “I sent a letter, I’m against removing Title 42.”

What in Christ name motivates this idiot?? Every day this fool makes the conditions in the United States more intolerable and dangerous. One of two things and maybe both; this guy is out to absolutely destroy this country or he is a certified mental case that needs to be removed from office.

And, Kamikaze Joe talks about Putin being removed from office??

This fool looks just like my wife’s husbandby the way what city am I in???

The guy is an absolute trainwreck and destroying everything in his path. Incredible!!!

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