Coming back to haunt the, big time …..

NYC children wounded 26 times so far in 2022, shootings of kids nearly doubled by mid-March: ‘Disgusting’

As of March 15, 24 children were shot in 2022, compared to the 13 reported year-over-year.

How this extremely illogical mentality of the far left cities (all democratic) that condone either disbanding the cops or cutting their authority to nothing, has all come back to haunt them. The saddest part is, the only repercussions for the lawmakers, they are not the victims, just the imbeciles that passed the laws.

I have nothing but heartfelt sympathy for the victims. For the enablers, you got what you asked for!

Fortunately a small amount/degree of stupidity can be reversible, and it is never too late to do a 360. Don’t let your F-in off the charts ego and ignorance dictate your common sense (if you have any).

Your pathetic actions having backfired on you big time. The blood of the murdered kids, innocent people and shooting victims is on your hands, whether you want to admit it or not.

Lawmakers New York City – this is what stupidity really looks like

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