John, what grade of dope you smoking???

CNN’s John Harwood roasted for claiming there is ‘zero evidence’ tying Biden to his son’s wrongdoings

‘Not even Jen Psaki is as devoted to the Party and Biden,’ Glenn Greenwald said of the CNN reporter

John; I have one response for your bizarre claiming Kamikaze Joe and THE BRAT KID are not as dirty as Aunt Susie skivvies.

Admission in their own words – how can it be any more conclusive than this

How can anyone have the gall to deny their involvement when it is in book form. The BRAT KID’s lust for power and fame came back and bit him right in the nuts.

These MOTHERS are so slick, are so used to lying, their MO is to deny, deny, and deny hoping in the long run their obstinance and continual lying will get them through. Sad to say, especially in the political arena, most of the time their deceptive actions fall along the wayside.

Regardless of what political parties they are in, they have a brotherhood protecting one another. Their rationale is; if one of us goes down, like a horrible Ponzi scheme gone bad, they will all tumble together.

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