Good news – BUT …….

The Hill

US says Putin feels ‘misled’ by Russian military

Good news – BUT at the same time bad news. Revelations like this may only pushes this madman closer to hitting the red button.

I still cannot believe that any sane human being would you even consider using nuclear weapons that will destroy the earth for 10s of thousands of years. Then again; based on his track record, who said that Putin is sane??

Considering how fanatical this guy is, one would have thought he would have scrutinized his decision to invade Ukrainian with a fine tooth comb before he made his move. What we are seeing now can be construed as Putin underestimating the ability and determination of the Ukrainian people.

Needless to say; the Ukrainian people would not have been as successful as they are without the support of the United Nations. I have always said there is strength in unity.

The more Russia is getting their ass kicked, the less bargaining power Putin has, but the more he is inclined to pull out all the stops.

According to some experts, they claim much of this war has been initiated because of religious factors. If that is the case, I hope Putin as an apparition by some divine entity instructions him to put and end to this madness.

There is nothing worse or more violent/dangerous than a wounded dog.

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