The entire world views it as I do; all except Kamikaze Joe and his puppeteers..

The following are excerpts from CNN; one of the staunchest supporters of Kamikaze Joe. When the far left media starts getting on his ass, I would conclude the problem is absolutely severe.


  • Has Biden shaken international confidence in his so-far strong leadership in bringing the NATO alliance together in a united front against Moscow? And will Putin be able to exploit disquiet over Biden’s comments in European capitals?
  • Did the President’s comment dangerously escalate already high tensions in the worst confrontation between the West and Russia in decades?
  • Will the notion that Biden hopes to topple Putin — even if the US says it’s not true — harden the embattled Russian leader’s resolve against negotiations or cause him to further escalate an already merciless war against civilians?
  • Has Biden’s now stinging rhetoric about Putin effectively ruled out any future direct diplomacy or meetings between the world’s top nuclear powers — and could it endanger global peace if they can’t communicate in a future crisis that threatens humanity?
  • Or will Biden’s human reaction to spending time with Ukrainian refugees soon be overtaken by the daily unfolding horror of the war or come to be seen as a strong moral stand that changed the way the world views the Russian leader? After all, ex-President Ronald Reagan’s call for then-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall” in Berlin was initially opposed by some of his own aides as too provocative.
  • And finally, since Moscow already sees extraordinarily tough Western sanctions as economic warfare and given Putin’s deeply conspiratorial view of the West and its role in vanquishing the Soviet Union, can a few loose presidential words that rile up everyone in Washington really make things any worse?

Because the United States has put itself into very precarious position electing this senile fool to the leader of the country, because of his disastrous decision making and uncontrollable disparaging remarks, it is imminent but there has to be a change.

I did a post the other day; I made a reference to a guy who owned the business, had a foul ball kid that worked for him, because of the way the kid misbehaved himself, he was driving his old mans business into the ground. The old mans solution was brilliant and easy; he paid the bum to stay home. In the long run he came out way ahead.

If I were leader of a foreign country in the United Nations; I would absolutely demand that Joe Biden be tucked away in a corner somewhere where he is not a danger to himself or the entire world. In plain English; pay the guy to stay home and out of sight so the only person he was a danger to was himself.

In the last few months Kamikaze has made some very disparaging remarks about Putin. Although they may be true, this is not path to a diplomatic solution.

As I said in my host the other day:

This guy is as #F-in dangerous as anyone can be !!!!!

Posted on 03/25/2022 by The Goomba Gazette

Come on you F-in imbeciles that pulled the strings; get your heads out of your ass before Kamikaze Joe starts World War III.

Is the language a little rough?? I hope so; it is intended to open the eyes of the puppeteers.

Puppeteers; how can the entire world see Joe Biden he’s a train wreck, but you’re the only fools that don’t?? ORRRRRRRR, is this all deliberate???

Let’s face it, with the short fuse that Putin has, it would not take much for him to hit that red button. Most probably he is waiting for an excuse to do so, so he can put the blame on someone else.


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