If K J could only eat his words ….

Top House Intel Committee Republican calls for classified briefing on Biden, Xi call

Rep. Mike Turner said what transpired on the call is ‘certainly relevant’

Jun 16, 2021 — Biden was asked by Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy if Biden would call Xi ‘old friend to old friend, and ask him to open up China …

One would think by now that Kamikaze Joe would be tired of eating crow, but I guess you cannot teach old dummies new tricks.

Biden says he and Xi are ‘not old friends’ | Daily Mail Online

https://www.dailymail.co.uk › news › article-9694445

While the entire world it’s sitting on a powder keg waiting for it to blow up; K J is handing both Charlie Chan and Putin, a zippo lighters and 1000 gallons of gasoline (Russian gas). The man is a complete fool!!

Stupid blunder doesn’t even cover it. Some things we say and do in life he eventually come back to haunt us in a big way. This slip of the lip that Kamikaze Joe is so used to making will come back to haunt him for years.

I don’t know if he is even smart enough to realize what a fool he is making of himself and the country. I guess if he was smart enough; by now, he would quit sticking that size 15 in his mouth.

I know for sure Charlie Chan and Putin have a very good memory and WILL hold K J’s feet to the fire for his insulting blunder.

What would ever cause Kamikaze Joe to continually make a ignorant mistakes like that?? It can only be a couple things, arrogance and stupidity.

When a person is sitting at a card table in a high stakes poker game and they have a royal straight flush; they can bark as loud as they want and push people around by the way they bet. But when that person (K J) only has a pair of deuces, they do not have the clout to stay in the game with the big boys. K J does not even have THE HIGH CARD in this deadly game.

Without the United Nations I believe the USA would be toast. This is why everything that is said and done should be scrutinized to the max with the utmost secrecy. Never expose your hand to the people you are playing against.

I don’t know how many politicians really realize; the USA has lost a lot of it’s the panache and power, thanks in part to some of the decisions K J was instrumental in making when he was sitting next to TMC for 8 years. Now, years later, many of the poor decision making (dose cutting military spending ring a bell) he was instrumental in has come back to bite the USA in the crotch.


Joe buddy; how does humble pie taste?? I don’t really care if you are bound and determines to make a fool of yourself, but you are taking the whole country down with you and putting us all in jeopardy.

This is not a game of agates in your Scranton PA school yard; this can realistically be for all the marbles.

This is what we did years ago to pass the time instead of shooting up drugs and breaking the law. Our circumstances today are a result of the liberal mentality much of this country has embraced.

And people try to tell me we are better off today??

I would go back to shooting marbles any day of the week when life was a lot simpler and safe.

UPDATE: It’s pretty apparent this fool K J (we call a president) never heard of the cliche; walk/talk softly and carry a big stick. The man is an absolute bumbling/mumbling idiot.

I was watching the news a few minutes ago when reporter asked Kamikaze Joe what he thought of Putin. It does not surprise me at all but only fortifies my opinion what a F-in idiot this guy is. His answer to the reporter, THE GUY IS A BUTCHER.

Yesterday I said; this guy may very well get the USA into the World War III with that out of control mouth of his. If nothing else his lack of political diplomacy is astronomically off to charts. (AND he had the balls to criticize PDT for his verbal blunders)??? He makes Trump look like an APPRENTICE.


I also believe that Putin is a psychotic butcher and much, much more; but under the circumstances we do not keep poking stick in the gorillas eyes. No mentally competent person would ever be as brutal and sadistic to other human beings as he has.

That being said; it would be very prudent to walk/talk softly, carry a big stick. Keep your derogatory opinions under the blanket. Assess the situation, and take all the necessary steps to come out on top in the confrontation, but do it clandestinely/low-keyed . The element of surprise is always preferable to coming out the winner. Name calling gets absolutely nowhere.


Yesterdays post: https://wordpress.com/post/thegoombagazette.com/165694

This guy is as #F-in dangerous as anyone can be !!!!!

His inability to controls is mouth is astounding. I am dumbfounded by his arrogance but not surprised at all by his ignorance!!

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