The absolute the most joyous news of my life ….

Erdoğan: Ukraine and Russia nearing ‘consensus’ on 4 of 6 key issues to ending the war

‘There is almost a consensus’ on key issues, Erdoğan says

Some of the sticking points may not be in the best interests of Ukraine; but are in the better interest for the entire world.

Erdogan says Ukraine and Russia reached an understanding on four of the six topics of disagreement:

Somewhat agreed on: • NATO • Partial disarmament • Collective security • Russian language

Remaining topics: • Crimea • Donbas

For almost eight years the breakaway enclaves Crimea and Donbas that Putin wants to reclaim have been the site of a low-intensity war between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian forces which has left more than 14,000 people dead.

Many things in life that we forced to do are tough pills to swallow. But because the pills are going to improve my condition or save my life, sometimes we have to bite the bullet and swallow them. What is the lesser of two evils, don’t take the pills and die, or reluctantly swallow them and save your life. I will choose door #2.

I am not suggesting the Ukraine has to drop their drawers/capitulate completely; what I am recommending is to cooperate with Putin as much as they can without giving up their dignity. Dignity and honor definitely are characteristics/points of pride both sides would love to maintain.

Other promising news; Putin and Zelinski are talking with one another. That would indicate to me that the doors are not closed completely and negotiations are still in avenue to end this disastrous war. The majority of this war was initiated because of Putin’s ego rather than any tangible purpose. 90% ego 10% political.

Level heads must be achieved on all sides. A third World War; regardless of who presses the RED button first will absolutely destroy this earth for thousands of years to come. The people behind the button maybe tyrants and masochist but we are not stupid knowing what the end result of a nuclear war would have on the planet. Some experts say; the planet will be uninhabitable for as much as 20,000 years after a nuclear war. That fact in-itself proves it would be no win situation for any side.

The one that I am most concerned about between these three tyrants is The Rocket Man. I truly think in their own demented way that Putin and Charlie Chan love their countries and love their people. On the other side of the coin Rocket Man has no regard for anything but his self serving gratifications and no concern for his people whatsoever. That along leads me too believe; if he was ready to cash in or his back is against the wall he may not hesitate to going out in style.

An ideal situation in the Ukraine war would be a cease fire by both sides until they reach an agreement. There has been enough death and destruction on both sides that could have been easily avoided; if it were not for the insatiable appetite for power, money and greed that totally consume some individuals to the point where they cannot think clearly and make rational decisions.

Let us all say a prayer today – tomorrow and the next day (in our own fashion) an agreement can be reached and someday the war in Ukraine will only memory will be in the history books.

If you are too selfish and self consumed , do it for the little dudes like this

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