For some only ……

Biden warns of ‘real’ food shortage following sanctions on Russia

‘The price of the sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia’

Gotta wonder; how many meals Kamikaze Joe and his crew were going to miss when the food shortage kicks in the high here??

The way I was brought up back in the old days; any decent father would make sure that all of his kids eat before he did. I did say any decent father.

Even the most #ignorant/progressive/liberals have to admit if they are honest (hold on I am choking) that the election of Kamikaze Joe has been a disaster from day one. I really believe that Putin waited until Biden got him office to see which way the wind was blowing before he made his move. That being said; I put most of the world’s disfunction directly on Kamikaze Joe shoulders.

WTF did I let them talk me into this quagmire????

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