You want liberal, you got it ……

Seattle is in ‘a criminal and humanitarian emergency,’ baker says as rampant crime forces businesses to close

Seattle Police Department hits ‘reset button’ after business locations shutter over crime surge

You want liberal, you got it – you want promiscuity, you got it – you approve of lawlessness, you got it – you don’t want to arrest people that break the law, you got it, you approve of rampant and out of control drug use, you got it!! I forgot one very important issue; you approve of people shiting on the sidewalk, you got it. Is it gross?? You betcha!! Has it reached the point where the liberal governing fools will do something about it?? It’s hard to tell. The politicians all seem to be like our president who has no shame or low point. You want to be popular and have something/someone love you?? Go buy a pet hamster.

Are you sick to your stomach yet and disgusted with these liberal enablers?? If not, you should be and if you are, do what you can to combat these conditions.

Unfortunately the only way to try to resolve these deplorable conditions is at the voting booth, but we cannot be 100% sure that is legitimate.

Just how long did the governing fools in places like Seattle think (or didn’t they) all of this insanity would rebound and come back and bite the in the ass?? It has been a proven fact time after time, that cities, states or federal governments cannot exist without any degree of civility if there are not laws or policemen in place that will maintain law and order. Slowly but surely, all of the far lefters cities (all democratic controlled) are reaping their rewards/payback with their liberal/insane methods of governing, or should I say not governing.

Seattle is in the midst of “a criminal and humanitarian emergency,” a bakery owner who indefinitely closed her business over safety concerns told Fox News


Take my word for it folks; if not harnessed lawlessness will get so out of hand it will be beyond reversing.

This is what the liberal/progressive communities call progress. The city leaders there supposed to be the upper crust of society (or at least they think so) are probably as ignorant as anyone can be. Hopefully some of these encampments are right in front of their house and they get a taste and smell of what the liberal, pathetic manner of governing end result is.

It took hundreds of years of hard work by law abiding people to build these societies into decent places to live in and raise a family, because of the ignorance progressive lifters, it only took a couple of years to destroy.

I can almost guarantee one thing; the majority of most liberal lawmakers never grew up in poverty, never lived down the street, and don’t know what it is to live under extreme conditions. Real Corker is, they must want their kids to grow up in an dysfunctional environment that they created.

The story behind that; a good majority of the prima donna do not want to have kids. They are too selfish, wrapped up in their own lives styles and pleasures; having kids is an imposition/cramping their lifestyle.

You figure it out; I can’t!!

What I really know for certain is; our advisories across the pond are just licking their chops watching the USA go down further and further, waiting for the right time to pounce. The right time may be closer than many of us think, or has already arrived. There are some notable experts they claim World War III has started already.

World War III ‘may have already started’ with Russian invasion … › news › world-war-iii-may-…

Mar 16, 2022 — Russia may have already started World War III, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in an interview with NBC News on Wednesday.

Don’t you think for a minute, all this dysfunctionality is not interconnected somehow or another because it absolutely is. The monster the ultraliberal, progressive fools have created is getting so big little at a time it is gobbling up society.


The negative conditions we are seeing in this country today have been in the works for many years developing a gigantic socialist Ponzi scheme by some very wealthy, nefarious people, who will be the only charlatans on the top of the pyramid that will profit from it.


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