Fools like Austin are the reason why ..

Defense Sec Austin downplays Russia’s use of hypersonic missiles: Not a ‘game changer’

Austin says Putin ‘resorting to using these types of weapons’ because ‘he’s trying to reestablish momentum’

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Sunday downplayed Russia’s claims that it used nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles on Ukrainian targets, saying it is not a “game changer” in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The man is incompetent beyond belief and does not qualified to sit in the Secretary of Defense seat or any other seat of responsibility in the government.

I understand that they’re looking for crossing guards in Southern California. That may be a suitable job for this very uninformed, very naive, dangerous person.

Lloyd Austin Sec. of Defense is part of the reason why this country is up to it’s neck in alligators.

OK; any common sensed person can look at this hypersonic missile, knowing it’s capabilities, knowing that Russia is not afraid to use it (and have) and say that it is not a game changer it’s beyond comprehension.

To think that the man, was a **** star general in the Army, and now the Secretary of Defense is frightening. I have to believe that he was appointed to this position, (just like so many other token appointments Kamikaze Joe has made) Secretary of Defense because of his skin color rather than his IQ and military savvy.

To your dishonorable General Austin: Read this and then again repeat your analysis:

Nowwwwww **** general Austin tell me; with all of these capabilities this missile has, is undetectable, is impossible to intercept, travels at 3800 miles an hour it’s not a game changer. With incompetent tokin people like you sitting in the chairs of responsibility; that would not know a rattlesnake if it jumped up and bit you on the Pecker, how can make such an irresponsible statement with a straight face?? We all know why general Austin is sitting where he is; because one fool appointed another fool.

Hypersonic weapons are defined as anything traveling beyond Mach 5, or five times faster than the speed of sound. That’s about 3,800 mph (6,100 kph). Intercontinental ballistic missiles far exceed that threshold but travel in a predictable path, making it possible to intercept them. The new weapons are maneuverable.

All we can hope for is the incompetent people that are running this country open their eyes to the reality (sad to see I don’t see it happening). We have fallen so far behind our adversaries in the weapons/military areas, thanks to comrades like TMC who cut our military spending to shreds, leaving our country wide open to vulnerability and being invaded.

I don’t know if actions/decisions like this deliberate or accidental?? Any halfway normal intelligent person do not make mistakes like this accidently.

Contrary to what the progressive flower children want to believe; MIGHT MAKES RIGHT.

Our military might/strength is one of the only reasons we have survived as long as we have without an invasion. One thing I can tell you for sure; the clock is running on their stupidity.

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