If in fact God is controlling the action; shame on him or her ..

Putin’s war against Ukraine may have spiritual, religious foundations: ‘Good vs. evil’

Four faith leaders share insights on the tragedy of the Russia-Ukraine war


Dirk Smith is one of the thousands of faith leaders in media who met last week in Nashville, Tennessee, for the National Religious Broadcasters convention. 

He says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a simple spiritual matter. 

According to these supposed experts; there has been an open wound between the Russians and the Ukrainians for the Ukrainian Christian religion pulling away from but one time Russian controlled head of religious state.

These experts going to say this has been an extreme sore spot for Putin and this is the reason he invaded Ukraine to do a get back.

Stretching my imagination and my common sense, based on what I have seen this madman do, that may be the reason of his invasion. If so; I say he is more of a stark raving maniac fanatic than I thought he was.

For Sam Brownback, former ambassador-at-large of international religious freedom during the Trump administration, the Russian invasion is a holy war over the politics of religion.

Says Brownback, “Vladimir Putin, at one point, painted himself as the defender of Christendom. That’s how he fashions himself — that’s part of the impetus.” 

Three years ago, the leader of the world’s Orthodox Churches in Istanbul, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, granted the Ukraine Orthodox Church independence from the Russian Church in Moscow. It’s called autocephaly.That move really set off of fire under Putin ass that has been brewing inside of him since the separation.

“I believe it honestly is in his own heart and soul as to why he thinks he’s justified in doing this — which is just totally wrong,” says Brownback.

Says Brownback, “Vladimir Putin, at one point, painted himself as the defender of Christendom. That’s how he fashions himself — that’s part of the impetus.”  

Two things:

As convoluted as this whole deplorable situation is; it may not surprise me as fanatical as Putin is, this may be his twisted logic behind the invasion.

If Putin or any one of the other religious fanatical leaders in the world would opened up their Bible or Koran; they would see that their God does not condone killing and brutality. So where does this leave the experts theories??

The entire fact of the matter is; the crazy bastards warmongering/ dictators that start these wars are simply Mad Men whose sole purpose is to dominate and control their people and the rest of mankind. They are so twisted and out of touch with reality; many of them try to pick a fall guy and that fall guy happens to be their God.

Another one of these brain washed theologians/experts Ron Harris, head of Medialliance (medialliance.cc), claims God is still sovereign and is still in control.

You know what I have to say about that

If there is a god, there is only one god. Based on scriptures and what I was brought up to believe; God is all good, all powerful and would not condone the madness that exists in the world today. So where does that leave our blind faith you ask??. Number one; I like to stick my hand in the wound; furthermore I do not believe in blind faith.

Try to sell blind faith to the people in Ukraine who are witnessing their entire family being decimated by Putin’s brutality. Common sense folks; it just does not wash.

If this is truly is the impetus behind Putin’s absolutely brutal war on the Ukrainian people, he is so out of touch with reality I don’t think anything can change his mind.

I would hope that someday soon when Putin is having a conversation with God, he would have the balls to ask God if what he was doing what’s acceptable with him.

Cut and dry: the reason behind the war in Ukraine is simply to satisfy a madman’s aspirations to control the world. Personally I do not see religion as a valid excuse for his actions. This may be something that he would hope the public believe; but anyway you slice this, with the God excuse or not, there is absolutely no plausible/ acceptable reason or excuse he can come up with to justify his actions.

If this psychotic madman believes in heaven; moreover Putin better believe in hell. When he cashes in, he is going to passgo, not collect $200.00 and go take his hot seat next to Satan.

Take a seat Val, you have earned it

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