Pulling out ALMOST all the stops ……..

The only weapon the madman has not used YET is a full fledged nuclear bomb. I said YET.


Published March 19, 2022 10:52am EDT

Russia claims it used hypersonic missile to strike Ukraine munitions warehouse

Russian Defense Ministry says it fired a nuclear-capable missile that has never been used before in combat

As many people around the world suspected; if Putin felt that he was not making the progress in his invasion and the conquering of Ukraine; he would beefing up, pulling out all the #big-boys, his most #sophisticated-weapons, so he would have the advantage, Face it folks; this crazy man has been planning this for years.

The only thing that can be said about Putin with any certainty, he is a stark-raving, psychotic madman. To rain down terror, bombing indiscriminately schools, hospitals, churches, any other inhabited structure, killing men women and children without the least bit of a conscience is just too far fetched to even fathom.

I have no idea what the powers to be have in mind (if anythying) regarding a solution to ending this catastrophic war. Whatever they are planning, they better get off the pot, put their strategy in high gear before there is nothing left to negotiate with.

It is most remarkable, heroic and commendable the resistance and the fight the Ukraine people are putting up to save their country. Their bravery and love for their country it totally amazing.

But I am afraid cold hard facts are; being the Putin has nuclear weapons and will not hesitate to use them when his back is solidly against the wall. That will be the deciding factor.

With all the uncertainties, the only thing that absolutely; this madman will not settle for defeat. How can anyone as demented as Putin be dealth with is the #ultimate-question??

In this day and age of supposing civilization, I would never expect to see the degree of brutality that this beast is exacting on another human-beings.

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