I bet #Kamikaze wishes he could only eat his words ….

Biden’s call with China’s Xi comes amid economic tensions, rising security threats

A host of issues are at play between the U.S. and China

K J; are you hungry enugh to yet to eat your words?? This is no time for chest beating. Walk softly and carry a big stick!! Don’t be selling wolf tickets, you are up against some bandidos people love to buy them.

Scenario: Xi who started out their tele-conference conversation, trying to be diplomatic and friendly, said to K J; how are you my old friend??

https://www.dailymail.co.uk › news › article-9694445

Jun 16, 2021 — ‘Let’s get something straight,’ Biden replied. ‘We know each other well. We’re not old friends. It’s just pure business.’ President Joe Biden …

Is K J too thick headed to wish he could take those words back?? Based on all the stupid things that the fool says and does, I don’t even know if he realises his humongous blunder in what he said to Xi:

I will bet that K J is now hungry enough he wishes he could eat his words, (than maybe not). Now he is kissing the Chinese president ass trying to drumb up a good working relationship with them. I wonder if Kamikaze ever heard of #burning-bridges. That guy is an absolute #pyromaniac.

Typical bad-assed-tough-guy, not very diplomatic response from KJ‘; Let’s get something straight, we’re not old friends’:WOW did that zinger ever come back to bite him in the ass!!!

As Kamikaze Joe did so many times criticizing Donald Trump for running his mouth (Justifiably so in many cases); I may even conclude K J may be worse than PDT.

Based on many circumstances, mainly, the United States is not the powerhouse it used to be; and the entire world, is not on their knees hoping to get our blessing. We can say without reservation, the arrogance of the American politicians has gone to their head. People that represent us, regardless of what position they hold, should be more diplomatic in their demeanour and conversations.

Coined phrase #542!! Think what you wish but don’t say everything you think!!.

Coined phrase #111. If everyone likes you, you are doing someting wrong!!

Let us hope for the sake of the entire human race; all of these crazy bastards that have access to the RED BUTTON can put aside their personal issues and do the best thing possible for the world.

As I said so many times before; this entire dilemma that the world is facing is 10% political and 90% ego; it is ego that keeps the fires raging.

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