Beware of Chinese (Greeks) bearing gifts ….

The following is a statement that Charlie Chan made today in regards to relations with the USA. If anyone other than him, or Putin or a few of these other despicable dictators in the world made the statement, I would have a reason to be very optimistic. Based on past experiences with Charlie, one thing we cannot call him, is a man of his word. I would like to believe his statement but he has not given me any reason to.

Charlie’s statement he made in the video call with Kamikaze: “We must not only lead the development of China-US relations down the correct path, but also shoulder our international responsibilities and make efforts for world peace and tranquility,” Xi said

It will be an absolute miracle if we could take this man at his word and work toward a peaceful settlement. The pie (earth) is big enough for everyone to share and be prosperous.

I am sure if the rest of the dissident dictators in this world saw that Charlie was making a move toward peace with the United States, it would changed the entire complexion of world affairs!!

Sorry to say, I don’t believe him. Any person regardless of who they are has to gain respect; it’s not just the giving. He is not really demonstrated that in the past.

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