Prime swampland for sale ….


Get it while it lasts folks, only 40,000 hectures left. With each sale, comes with a 10 year supply of prime – grade A alligator meat

MSNBC, CNN, PBS embrace Biden rhetoric on inflation, #gas-price-hike: ‘Putin’s price hike a great’ message

#Embraces; is that the same as #ass-kissing only lower???

CNN, MSNBC and more unabashedly repeated Biden’s ‘#Putin-price-hike’ phrase.

These #fools, the #liberal-media are so gullible (#gullibility and #stupidity are first cousins) the ladies even believe that their old man was out playing cards last night, when he was laying pipe (getting laid), or the men believe their old lady was at a Tupper wear party until 0400.

There is a fool born every second millisecond; these qullible, brainwashed fools must all have the same birthday.

We are not supposed to think for one second, a good percentage the outragious price increases on gas was caused by the incompetent leadership we have in this country.

I think possibly, the next preposterous fable Kamikaze is going to do is to try to sell the public; Putin was standing behind him with a #gun-pointed-to-his-head when K J swung open the #immigtaion-gates. GMAFB K J .

Did Putin turn off off the oil line spigot in Canada too?? Come on #Kamikaze, you’re slipping.

K J; if you want to accept the #accolades when you do something right; (absolutely rare) you also have to take get on the chin when you #f-up (almost a daily event).

George was man enough to admit he cut the cherry tree down because he was an honorable person; what is your excuse??

I guess your kid was right

This is going to haunt you till the grave. It’s all in black and white, you cannot deny it

K J would not know the truth even if it jumped up and bit him in the #pecker. K J like most #politicians, are so used to telling-lies they just comes out of them automatically, #natural reflex.

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, served in the United States Senate for thirty-six years from 1973 to 2009. A member of the Democratic Party from his home state of Delaware, Biden was first elected to the Senate in 1972, and was sworn into office at the age of 30; he was later re-elected six times.

Like Nancy Pelosi (#AKA-Nasty-Nan), K J had to have caught a lot of influential people on their knees to stay relevant for so many decades.

HarryTruman was one of the last decent politicians the USA had when he coined the phrase:


K J; you want to enjoy the Surf and Turf when you eat it; from time to time, gotta eat a little liver.

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