The #bastards would #sell-their-mother for a nickle …..

Jesse Watters calls out Congress members who might have profited from Russia-Ukraine war

Watters reveals the appearance of bipartisan insider trading

The #bastards would #sell-their-mother for a nickle and give you .04$ change.

I don’t really know if there is anything lower than a crooked politician. #WTF ever gave them the back door advantage of having inside information on the stock market. Talk about a #whore deal!! Really; when it comes down to it, they are scumbags and lowlifes. I really don’t know if there is anything more despicable than a crooked politician.

Just one example of 1,000’s:

Nancy Pelosi’s husband makes $5.3 million on timely bets › 2021/07/08 › house-speaker-nanc…

Jul 8, 2021 — Paul Pelosi made $5.3 million after buying shares in Nasdaq giants ahead of a vote on a weak antitrust bill meant to curb their power.

The Sons a bitch knew which horse would win before the gates even opened.

#Scumbag-bastards does not even come close to what I would like to call them. Not only do they rape the American people with theft or lack of performance in their duties, the son of a bitches are Privy to inside information in the stock market, the bill they voted on themselves to make the whore deal legal.

How would you like to know which horse is winning a race before the gates open or what football team will win the game before the whistle blows ?? What a ticket that would be.

Essentially that is the edge the politicians have on what stock is going to go up or going down before it happens or better yet, which piece of property to buy before a freeway is going to be built.

Is there no end to their misdeeds and thievery?? To think they had the authority to vote that in for themselves is unconscionable The more I know about politicians, the more detest them. There is no end to the corruption in this country.

I would venture to say, a good majority of the dilemmas we are in today is because of their greed and back door deals. How is it ossible to control thievery and misconduct in office if the people that write the laws are the biggest thieves??


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