Even Car-mella has one quality …. #maybe …..


Kamala Harris’ job performance is no ‘laughing’ matter, GOP congressman says

It is not a #military-secret, this woman has #drastically-underperform, to say the least, ever since she took office and is #not-apologetic about it. She has been so incompetent, she has received boat loads of criticism from everyone, including people who own party.

I have to give her credit for one thing; recently she made a public statement you got what you asked for. If that is not admission of stupidity I don’t know what it is. That statement alone makes her NOT the #total-hypocrite I thought she is, just the 98%er.

Critics blast Kamala Harris for claiming voters ‘got what they …

https://www.youtube.com › watch

Mar 1, 2022 — Critics have ripped into Kamala Harris after the US Vice-President claimed voters “got what they asked for” electing her and Joe Biden to …

With Car-mella Harris sitting in the vice president’s chair, she rounds out the complete package of incompetent people. Her boss (MAYBE) Kamikaze Joe leads the pack of foul balls and she is following close behind. We could legitimately call this a marriage made in heaven, that has gone to #hell in a hand basket. I don’t think there has never been anyone sitting in the big chairs that has done such a disgraceful job representing that office.

To put the icing on the cake; based on their non-apologetic attitudes, they seem to be proud of their #mismanagement/blunders by not showing any #remorse or willingness to change.

Talk about beating the system, let us not forget about the BRAT. According to him, everything he knows he was taught by his father.

In some cities, it is even considered breaking the law if a person jaywalks. Kamikaze Joe has #fucked-up this country so severely but he will not even come away with a parking ticket.

These two characters can try to bullshit the public as much as they want; but when it is in book form in black and white, there really is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Is Jaywalking Still a Crime? – I Drive Safely

https://www.idrivesafely.com › trending › jaywalking-st…

The resounding answer to this question is yes, but the severity of consequences varies widely throughout the US. Cities handle it differently, though the ..

For what he did or didn’t do in Afghanistan alone, there should be some severe consequences.

What is the end game and the future hold for the United States;?? Based on all that is transpiring, I would say nothing tp write home to Ma Ma about. When we have two people in the highest offices in the country that are total misfits, what else can the outcome bring as to the longevity of the USA except disastrous.

With all of our adversaries Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, to name a few, who are chomping at the bit waiting to drop the big one on us, I really don’t see that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I truly believe that the United States has had its day in the sunshine. The clouds and the gloomy weather keep rolling in. Every morning we wake up, look at the news, then go throw up our guts.

There is a new disaster in this country daily and most of it has the fall on the inadequacy of our leaders.

It would be really be refreshing if Car-mella was as UPFRONT/FRANK about the rest of her in #incompetencies as she has been with her current revolution, #piss-poor-job-performnaces.

Talk about having #goolunies; she can tell the president of the USA to #kiss-her-ass, as she has so many times without any fear of backlash.

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