TMC & Kamikaze gotta be related somehow ……

Unite against nuclear Iran – Biden’s new deal more dangerous than the original

New nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s largest sponsor of terror, could be concluded within days

Kamikaze Joe and TMC must be blood brothers from different fathers. They both have the same #incomprehensible, #liberal, anti American mentality which has literally put the USA in dire straits by all the stupid moves they made. I continue to ask the question; whose side are they on anyway??

First we had TMC in all of his benevolence to Iran’s cause, released billions and gave them billions of dollars to Iran making it possible for them too finance their war against us. TMC was so kind, and consider it he even palletized the money for them.

Ain’t this a BITCH – To the best of my knowledge there has never been an explanation by TMC for this illegal giveaway

US sent plane with $400 million in cash to Iran | CNN Politics › 2016/08/03 › us-sends-plane-iran-…

Aug 4, 2016 — President Barack Obama approved the $400 million transfer, which he had announced in January as part of the Iran nuclear deal. The money was …

Was Obama’s $1.7 billion cash deal with Iran prohibited by US … › news › 2018/03/01

Mar 1, 2018 — President Trump tweeted about the $1.7 billion in cash that the Obama administration sent to Iran and wondered why there had not been an …

He literally paid to have the emeny to help destroy the USA. What a guy!! The ambition Iran is still working on to this very day.

Yet another in the long line of blunders TMC pulled.

‘Fast And Furious’ Just Might Be President Obama’s Watergate › sites › realspin › 2011/09/28

Sep 28, 2011 — Why a gunrunning scandal codenamed “Fast and Furious,” a program run secretly by the U.S. government that sent thousands of firearms over an …

Next we have his brother Joe financing Russia’s war against the world by continuing to purchase gas and oil from Russia to the tune of 650,000 gallons of day. Rhat on top of being very reluctant to act on imposing other sanctions. It can be said without reservation but both of these fools financed our enemies to destroy us. Based on the evidence and the facts, how can anyone dispute that.

Was Obama that #naive to think Iran would not use the billions #he-gifted-them to develop their #nuclear arsenal?? Or he is connected to them and their cause not just by his name. According to the Arabic dictionary; the name Obama means to “kneel down. I have to conclude, he did just that many more times than I would like to believe.

Still with all of the #negativity surrounding this guy, even today, there are hundreds of thousands of people that still #kiss-his-ass as if he just got off the cross. The #ignorance and #gullibility of #humanity never ceases to amaze me.

GMAGFB!!!! Best of all TMC blieves it.

As it stands now Russia, North Korea, and China maybe the least of our concerns in the big picture.

Reports have recently emerged that a new nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s largest sponsor of terror will be concluded within days. As the U.S. condemns Russia for putting its nuclear deterrence forces on high alert, and states they are concerned about Russia’s “aggression” in doing so, it seems they are simultaneously working to make possible another nuclear state. 

The way they see it through there #tunnel-vision and quest for #world-dominance, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Human life to them this as #insignificant as stepping on an insect crossing the sidewalk.

Grouping all of these #pathological, #adversarial #villains together, it would be a flip of the coin as to which one of them is crazy enough to hit the red button first?? I would be very reluctant to place a wager on that possibility.

I think it is so ironic, the device that was invented which ended #WW-II and save the world from further destruction, is now one of the worst fears and possibilities facing mankind today.

How is it even possible to explain the #mentality, #greed, the #inhumanity. the #barbarism, the #homicidal instincts of these world leaders to our kids and grandkids??

I have always said; mankind is its #own-worst-enemy and #mankind will at some point in time, without question #absolutely will #destroy itself.

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