Why so harsh your dishonorable?????

A Dunkin’ employee in Tampa, Florida, accused of fatally punching a customer who used a racial slur against him last year was sentenced to two years of house arrest after pleading guilty to felony battery.

The worker, Corey Pujols, 27, was ordered by a Tampa judge on Monday to complete 200 hours of community service and attend an anger management course.

Let’s put this into perspective. Not that I condone what a white cop did when he put a black guy in a choke hold that eventually killed him. For his, wrongfully, overly aggressive actions, the cop sentened to a long prison term, but when a black guy punches a 77 year old man in the face, as a result dies from the attack, he gets house arrest, community service and must attend anger management classes. Where is the fairness. We are supposed to be striving for equality not favoritism.

The prosecutor said; he considered the sluggers legal history and do not think a harsher sentence would be necessary. The fact of the matter is, the victim died from the assault. Was he right in using racial slur?? Absolutely not, but name calling should have not resulted in the man’s death. I am sure it was not the intention of the pugilist/the slugger to kill the name caller, but we have to be responsible for our actions. At the very least, 5 years in the slams.

What if the victim was the judges relative; would the given sentence be more appropriate fitting the crime?

Shamefully; equal justice for all does not apply. There are plenty of connected wealthy, people of other races that buy them self out of jail which is totally unfair.

I have suggested many time; a crime committed in Alaska and the same crime committed in Florida and across the country should have the same penalty with no exceptions. That certainly would eliminate conditions like this and others like it, including everybody down the line that gets their palm greased as a result of incompetent and corrupted judges.

How easy is that?? The more complicated the prosecutors, the ambulance chasers, corrupted judges make the legal system, the more room they have to maneuver with their unjustifiable decisions.

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